Empowering Merchandisers to improve shopper conversion. Your technology, your way.


Human guided automation

Blending state-of-the-art technology with merchandising creativity & inspiration to deliver optimal performance.

Brand styling

Create truly inspiring shopping experiences when you augment your automated setup to apply the values and styling of your brand.


Shopper inspiration

Connect emotionally with your shoppers using inspirational online merchandising tools that surprise and delight them.


Commercial performance

Transform commercial returns by overlaying your commercial strategies and retail expertise on top of Machine Learning automation.


Achieve leadership

Leadership cannot be achieved with black box thinking only. It is the combination of Smart Automation with Creative Control that delivers real breakthrough.


Relevancy + Inspiration, 1+1=3

Cater for both, to deliver the best possible shopper experience.

Logical consideration (relevance)

Automate your merchandising using Machine Learning to ensure optimal shopper relevance and experience.

Technology delivers the heavy lifting.

Emotional connection (inspiration)

Apply your expertise, as exceptions, to augment and override the automation to deliver inspiration & delight.

Merchandisers augment with strategies & styling.


The Fredhopper Discovery Platform

The pace of ecommerce change is fast. The world’s leading retailers require flexible, smart solutions built on Machine Learning innovation, that seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures.

Smart Data Engine

Integrates, enhances and transforms data that conveys shopper intent and interests to provide that rich, valuable, individual shopper profile.

Relevance Engine

Matches shopper intent with the most relevant and inspiring products and recommendations in a highly customized and personalized way.

Merchandising Studio

Enables merchandisers to apply key commercial strategies and apply their in-depth expertize to inspire shoppers.

Execution Engine

Provides the robust, secure and reliable technology that delivers real operational efficiency. Scaling with you as you grow.


Infrastructure performance

We deliver exceptional infrastructure performance.

  • Scalability

    Handle 183 billion+ requests per year.
    No limit in ability to scale up for Peak Trading periods.

  • Availability

    Default platform monthly uptime average, 99.90%, but in reality 100%.
    Fast response times to ensure no disruption to service.

  • Secure & Compliant

    Fully GDPR compliant globally.
    Complete separation of client's data across 240+ brands.

  • Performance

    Speed is critical. Very fast response times in the ms.
    1000 items per second indexing speed.

  • Globally Distributed

    Presence in all regions - USA, Europe & Asia Pacific.
    Support for incidents, 24/7, 365 days per year.


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