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Delivering omnichannel AI-powered search, merchandising, and recommendations that are truly relevant, and controlled by you.

Achieve more

We make every shopper moment count

  • Optimise every instant a customer is on your ecommerce site with our AI-powered search accelerating conversions. Make the path to product discovery and purchase clear. And make every click count.
  • 20% of site queries end with zero results. AI-powered search makes sure this never happens.
  • Our AI does the heavy lifting for merchandisers, saving 60% of their time by automating repetitive tasks. So they can focus on strategy and value-added work.
  • Personalised and connected shopper journeys across all channels matter. That’s why we power consistent customer experiences, maximising sales.

Reduction in zero search results

98 %

Increase in conversions from search

20 %

Saving merchandisers’ time

60 %
Move faster

Be agile and responsive

  • Use one of the world’s fastest ecommerce site search engines and recommendations APIs. This ensures responses at lightning speed.
  • Our headless architecture is quick to deploy, easy to use and integrate. Find best-in-class support and a culture of continuous innovation and performance.
  • By using our pre-trained algorithms, your time to market is faster. You can now achieve your product discovery goals in record time.
  • Dig deep into our expertise, retail is in our DNA. Our high growth customers, with their fine-tuned capabilities in product discovery, shows that we are best-in-class.

More than 20 years of retail expertise with a broad and deep library of use cases that will help you optimise customer engagement and conversion fast

Trade smarter

Don’t assume anything. Transform your ecommerce business through data-driven insights

  • We help you ditch the black box. Transparency and data empowers teams and drives change.
  • Manage trade volumes, fluctuations and scale your business, while staying in control.
  • Customer behavioural data is the backbone of our AI. We help you take control of that data. This gives shoppers the relevant product and content experiences they expect. Over-ride it with in-house expertise, when you need to.
  • Evidence-based action counts. So harness our built in A/B testing. This ensures quick and easy testing of algorithms. That way you make accurate decisions.

Boost in conversion rates

15 %

A rise in average order value (AOV)

9.5 %

Drop in ‘total cost of ownership’

30 %

Our Customers

Hear what our customers have to say


“There is no doubt Attraqt has helped Harvey Nichols to reach many of its digital goals. Product discovery and functionality are essential to the experience on our website. Attraqt’s search and merchandising capabilities have also consistently helped us to deliver a strategy that supports our luxury curation.”

Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook

Ecommerce Product Manager, Harvey Nichols


“Attraqt has enabled Amara to elevate ecommerce site search, personalisation and merchandising in a way that puts the customer at the centre of the experience. With Attraqt, product discovery has become an efficient and essential part of our shopper journeys. Significantly, this integration has boosted operational efficiency, by arming the team that holds the website performance metrics with the ability to continuously implement strategic decision making.”

Ben Blackwell

Ben Blackwell

Chief Marketing Officer, Amara

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