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AI-driven search, merchandising and personalisation solutions. Orchestrate shopper moments from awareness to discovery, inspiration to decision making and re-engagement.


We are trusted by over 300 of the world's best, and forward-thinking retailers and brands

Individual moments on the shopper journey matter

Orchestrate experiences that are efficient, compelling and connected from moment-to-moment on a complex shopper journey. At each moment, get better at knowing what your customer wants or expects to discover.

How we do it

Optimise the Shopper Journey    

Understand what your shoppers are looking for at each step of the customer journey to anticipate and respond to their needs.

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Recommendations
  • Post Purchase Engagement


Enhance the User Experience 

Create integrated experience across channels and visits for the entire shopper journey. Build stronger brand connections, so shoppers want to come back. 

  • Personalisation
  • Site Design
  • Site Speed
  • Multi-channel Engagement


Deliver Merchandising and Operational Efficiency

Be more efficient. Automate and let your merchandising team take control and focus on the strategy and creativity they are great at.

  • Product Ranking and Sorting
  • Campaigns
  • Multi-Site Localisation


Grow your digital business without limits

API-led Platform

Discover an API-led platform that frees your tech stack and unifies your teams to deliver more, quickly. Build, innovate and scale exceptional search, merchandising and personalised experiences that accelerate commercial growth. 

Headless Architecture

Our open, headless architecture makes it easy to connect with any existing environment, to reach new customers faster. Build on a set of powerful APIs to bring your own data, your own algorithms and models… and connect your own analytics platform or get access to data in real-time.

Put your data to (serious) work

Data provides the context, inference and interests to drive orchestration and compelling experiences. Create a rich and unified view of each customer to better understand their intent and decision making.


Decipher the right context. Understand shopper intent, motivations and interests.


Understand where they are in the buying decision process.


Connect the customer journey with real-time rich and personalised moments. 


Help your teams to make the best decisions

Test, Learn and Grow 

Test continuously to identify and validate the ideal orchestration of data, algorithms and rules to match and exceed consumer expectation. Learn to invest in the tactics and strategies that incrementally contribute to your commercial goals.


Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing estimates a multi-million uplift (£) in incremental revenue generated across UK and French sites as a result of Attraqt’s AI-powered search functionality


Our Customers

Hear what our customers have to say

"Integrating personalisation into a trigger strategy has allowed us to put the customer back at the centre of our decision-making process, strengthening our relationship with them."
Laurie Verhaeghe
Laurie Verhaeghe, Marketing Project Manager, La Redoute
"Shoppers are staying longer on our website - engaging more with category filters and clicking onto product pages, ultimately, increasing sales."
Pamela Reynolds
Pamela Reynolds, Head of Online at Harvey Nichols
"Attraqt makes it possible to really act of on the data that we get from all of these different platforms, and use it in different campaigns, facets, synonyms, redirects and be able to, on a continuous basis, improve the experience for our customers."
Stein Berens
Stein Berens, Online Merchandiser, De Bijenkorf

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