Orchestrate individual shopper experiences at scale

Empower Discovery...

by creating an emotional connection with consumers through brand inspiration and creativity. 

Personalize each moment...

by responding to a true understanding of shopper intent at that very moment of interaction.

Deliver an exceptional micro-experience...

that reflects the context of the engagement and their stage in the shopping journey

Connect the shopper journey...

by integrating all engagement moments -across device, channel or location


Optimize every stage of the shopper journey and still meet your commercial goals

Intelligent Automation with Strategic Control

Algorithm-driven Intelligence enhanced by your expertise

Each and every stage of the shopper journey

Search  Discovery Inspiration Consideration Purchase Post-purchase

Stay ahead. Go headless.

Evolve your technology stack; stay focused on innovation components that makes an impact

Deliver projects quickly, with the least effort

Focus on a range of specific solutions

Personalization + Search + Navigation + Recommendations + Merchandising + Internationalization

Access a single intelligence layer.

Work better together and operate as ONE team

Get rid of silos through a single INTELLIGENCE LAYER delivering actionable insight 

Business + Data Teams + Developers


Trusted by over 300 of the world's leading brands, manufacturers and retailer


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