Personalised recommendations

Transform your recommendations to gain competitive advantage

Create individualised recommendations at scale and develop loyal customers who drive an increase in online sales and average order values (AOV). Guide your shoppers throughout the entire buying journey with personalised product and content recommendations, across any channel and at every digital touch point.

1 to 1 personalization_Joana
21 %

increase in average order value

45 %

reduction in page bounce rate

40 %

increase in click-through rates directly from recommendations

Stay ahead of the competition. Deliver truly personalised experiences.

Recommendations drive around 7 X more product views per visit on average, so increase micro-conversions and boost overall conversion.

Individualised recommendations on any channel

Show that you care by making sure each shopper sees the right product and content, at the right time, on any channel. With a range of high-performance algorithms that combine with AI, leverage real-time data, shopper behaviours, context, as well as product and customer data for truly personalised recommendations.


Cross-sell and upsell with automation

Automatically show products with cross-sell recommendations based on real-time behaviour. Use upsell recommendations to reach the shipping threshold and increase basket value. Let high-performance algorithms and AI work increase your AOV.

The power of merchandising with recommendations

Let the algorithms and AI work for you but control them to reach your goals. Apply merchandising rules and strategies to meet brand identity, stock levels and margin. Use the data to update the purchasing team on trends and behaviour for better buying decisions.


Engage, surprise, convert and retain on any channel

Tailor the entire product discovery experience, ensuring each shopper sees the right product and content across all channels.

Go above expectations with AI-powered personalisation

Centralise, test, and optimise all algorithm strategies in a single interface. Bring all algorithms together at ease, combine Attraqt’s, 3rd party and your own algorithms in one platform to improve performance and maximise ROI.

Key Features

Data enrichment | Flexible indexing | Product and Content recommendations | Combine multiple recommendation strategies | Automated merchandising with creative control | Merchandising rules library | Algorithms library | Algorithms Orchestrator | A/B testing | Analytics

La Redoute

“Integrating personalisation into a trigger strategy has allowed us to put the customer back at the centre of our decision-making process, strengthening our relationship with them”

Laurie Verhaeghe, Marketing Project Manager, La Redoute

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A Complete Product Discovery Solution

One Platform. Seamless Experiences.

Streamline your digital sales, minimise risks and lower TCO with search, merchandising, recommendations, and algorithms orchestration in one place.

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