Merchandising just got smarter

Increase conversions and revenue per shopper with AI-assisted merchandising


With every click, shoppers provide valuable insight into what they want to buy. 

Improve conversions by using real-time, onsite shopper behaviour to personalise and rank results.

Define tailored ranking strategies based on context, including promoting specific brands. Showcase the breadth of your catalogue, as well as boosting or burying items based on regional preferences and local availability.

More time for creativity when you automate

Let our AI do the heavy lifting. We automate mundane tasks. Yet you still remain in creative control, to augment and enhance the overall shopper experience. Our state-of-the-art and intuitive merchandising console gives you full transparency and control over the experience, including the AI.

Implement your business strategies quickly

Easily set up tailored merchandising strategies and triggers on different pages or at different times. Personalise rankings based on shopper behaviour and then filter them based on performance and product attributes such as margin, sales and click-through rates.

Personalise category and product listing pages

Drive product discovery and convert customers by tailoring the product selection and its order on category and product listing pages (PLPs), to the shopper’s interest and intent.

Increase team efficiency

Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks and free up your merchandisers to focus on value-added tasks.

Gain actionable insights

A/B test merchandising strategies and track views, adds-to-basket and conversions by category or product page to refine your strategies.

  • Merchandise by KPI: Promote high-margin items or high inventory items to help deliver on commercial goals.
  • Order by availability: Prioritise what products are displayed depending on what’s available. This improves conversion and ensures a good brand experience.
  • Sort as a collection: Group products together that sell well and display products that convey the head-to-toe perspective, so the shopper sees the full outfit and can consider how products work together.

Grow and expand seamlessly and cost-effectively

Our customers have seen a 30% increase in operational efficiency. What works in one market can be transposed to another. With our platform you are able to copy then utilise similar business rules and use cases across regions, territories and sites.

Want to learn more?

At ASOS, we are very data-driven. We have nine sites now, with different rules for each. Through the ability to override those rules and be really flexible, Attraqt allows us to cover both bases.”

Bronte Naylor-Jones Trading Optimisation Specialist, ASOS

“The ranking feature is great because you can put a default sort on your whole site or personalise this for different categories”

Stephanie Young Online Visual Merchandiser, End Clothing

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