Peak Trading Report 2020

Trends & Data

An overview of 2020 Peak Trading Period.


Congratulations to all our customers for successfully navigating through the busy Peak trading weekend!

This year’s Black Friday Trading period was bound to be different.  Lockdown rules in a number of locations forced many retailers to close their "brick and mortar" presence  through out Peak. Instead shoppers and retailers alike focused on online opportunities. While this trend has been on an upward trajectory for the last few years, there's no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption. 


Early discounting paid off in 2020

While the 'Cyber Weekend' officially started on Grey Thursday, many retailers started discounting a few weeks earlier, turning the ‘Cyber Weekend’ to a ‘Cyber Month’. As well as harnessing the lockdown opportunities, it also gave retailers a way to manage the pressures of fulfilment, so that it was not purely focused on the Black Friday weekend. Though the early promotions trend is not new to 2020, it was the first year early discounting paid off. Based on the data we have seen on our 300+ Attraqt customers over previous years, only a few retailers saw an early spike in traffic. However, 2020 figures showed that consumers started browsing for bargains as soon as the sales started. 

Starting discounting early this Peak paid off for the retailers in 2020. The data is reflective of the week leading up to Black Friday.

Despite seeing much more traffic throughout the whole week, in 2020, Attraqt still served 14% more traffic on Grey Thursday and Black Friday compared to 2019, and the Saturday after took 23% more traffic compared to 2019.

Overall, we served a record-breaking 2.9 billion requests across the 5-days of trading - a 17% increase from the previous year. 

The report below will give you more detailed insight into what happened during the 5 busiest days of trading. 


Report Overview

This report covers the busiest Peak Trading Period, from Grey Thursday and Black Friday to Cyber Monday. The data reflected in the report covers 5 full days' of trading starting 00:00 GMT on Nov 26 to 00:00 GMT on December 1.

The data collected covers all regions Attraqt operates in.

Here are the final numbers for Peak trading weekend 2020. All data presented is collected by Attraqt during the Peak trading period and based on Attraqt-powered online stores. 

Key Highlights from Peak 2020

Attraqt saw record-breaking results during 2020 Peak trading period. Here are some of the key highlights from the busy weekend of trading.

Total number of requests

Served across the Peak trading weekend

2.9 Billion

The highest number of requests

Processed per second


YoY increase

In requests served during Peak trading weekend


Uninterrupted Service

Provided during the entire Peak trading period


Percentage of Searches

Of total queries during Peak trading weekend 2020


2020 vs 2019

Requests served during Peak Trading Period

The request served in 2020 across the Peak trading period were up by 17% from the previous year, totaling 2.9 billion requests across the 5-day Peak shopping period. Similar to 2019, the busiest day during Peak was Black Friday with over 684 million requests served.

Cyber Monday saw the least traffic this year with 528 million requests recorded. This is likely to be because of the early start to the season. 

2020 vs 2019

The highest number of requests processed per second

In 2020 the highest number of requests served per second was recorded on Black Friday - 7,819- a whopping 23% increase from the previous year. The close second of 7,208 requests per second, was recorded on Grey Thursday.

For the first time request served per second was highest on Black Friday, previously seen on Grey Thursday.


Top industries

We recorded the highest increase in traffic on Black Friday. This diagram shows which retail industries drove revenue around the world during Black Friday.

There was a significant increase in traffic for the Fashion and Footwear industry, which received 108% more traffic compared to a normal Friday. 

Other industries that benefitted well from Black Friday sales, were Electronics with a 33% in traffic, closely followed by Health and Beauty with a 22.5% increase, as well as Home, Garden& Living with an 18% of traffic increase. 

Sports, Recreation and Leisure as well as the Food&Beverage industries saw less of a spike, with 8% and 7% reported respectively. 

For many retailers, 2020 has been a year of digital innovation. We are proud we're able to work with so many wonderful retailers to help them deliver yet another successful Peak.

Amid the unusual Peak trading conditions in 2020, we have seen many of our clients adapting to the changes thrown their way and demonstrating their resilience and readiness to embrace innovation.

We are committed to supporting our customers on this journey - Black Friday and other Peak trading periods are especially valuable and give us a chance to reflect and optimise our work with customers.

Who knows what 2021 will bring...but we've worked hard, and closely, with our customers and partners to make sure we are more than prepared for what is ahead! 

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