How to Create a Standout Online Shopping Experience

Attraqt explains why creating an outstanding customer shopping experience should be the primary focus for ecommerce retailers if they want to stay ahead.

In this digitally connected age, where consumers can make purchases across diverse channels, including shopping on in-store iPads and shopping on their desktops or mobile phones, consumer buying power is at an all time high. Shoppers have choice at their fingertips, and if retailers want to stand out above the noise, then they must push harder to be memorable and distinctive.

This is why 81% of companies will be competing mostly or completely on delivering an outstanding customer shopping experience over 2019. It’s no longer enough to be the cheapest, biggest or most well-known, with 76% of all shoppers now claiming that they naturally expect companies to understand their needs and expectations in order to tempt them to shop. So how can today’s ecommerce retailers do this?

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