The Cardinal Sins of Online Retail

In a comments feature for IMRG, Attraqt's Experience Optimisation Consultant Laurel Harrison shares her advice on the things to avoid when it comes to developing an effective User Experience.

Enough of the optimisation chatter. Enough of the nuanced best-practice techniques, the streamlining stratagems, and the conversion catalysts. There are plenty of them around, after all, and they’ll still be there when we get back. Just for a moment, let’s consider the other end of the scale; a look into retail’s Room 101, if you were.

In this article, we’re going to explore those cardinal sins of online retail which are committed all too often. Treat the piece as an anti-checklist – and if you make it through without seeing an all-too-familiar website feature, it’s time to take your user experience team out for a round of drinks.

To get a rounded perspective of what may comprise retail’s sinbin, we approached experts in our community for their learned insight. Here’s what they flagged as those common website features to be avoided at all costs.

Continue reading the full story via IMRG: The Cardinal Sins of Online Retail

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