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Your guide to Attraqt’s omnichannel ecommerce personalisation suite

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Ecommerce personalisation in a nutshell

Put simply, ecommerce personalisation is the process of delivering a personalised online shopping experience by showing product recommendations, personalised product rankings, offers and other content relevant to the buyer.

It’s achieved by collating and analysing detailed customer details like purchase history, browsing behaviour, gender, location and other demographic data to generate personalised landing pages, marketing emails and content across many different channels.

But it’s not just about knowing the customer’s unique tastes. The most effective ecommerce personalisation experiences produce results based on the customer’s goals at that moment.

Personalisation algorithms understand – for example – whether a consumer is visiting a site to buy more golf shirts or a gift for a partner. And they show relevant real-time results across multiple channels that meet the buyer’s specific goals.

Ecommerce personalisation works

80 %

Our clients report up to 80% of their turnover is now generated from the 20% of products with personalised recommendations applied.

40 %

Personalised emails generated using Attraqt resulted in a 40% increase in email click-through rates for La Redoute.

21 %

One-to-one personalisation results in an average 21.1% increase in adds-to-basket.

The personalisation process


How does it work?

It would be impossible to provide personalisation without understanding the consumer and their needs. So Attraqt analyses data about how the customer reached the site, past purchases, viewed items, browser behaviour and a wealth of other information.


Profiling and targeting

The customer dataset evolves and grows with every interaction as Attraqt gains a more comprehensive understanding of preferences like favourite items, preferred colours, budget and more. This is matched against the site inventory and data collated from similar profiles to curate a custom collection of potential products.


Content creation

Lightning-fast data collation, analysis and machine learning come together to deploy custom search and listing results, recommendations and other content across the website, app, social and external channels.

Personalising omnichannel journeys

Attraqt’s ecommerce personalisation process runs in the background at every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey, allowing brands to continue providing custom products and content from one visit to the next.

And crucially, it achieves this instantaneously across multiple channels by acting as a central hub for websites, apps, social and more. Where Attraqt excels is combining data from all channels to ‘stitch’ together profiles to create a consistently personalised shopper experience across the board.

  • Personalised landing pages
  • Category listing pages
  • Product listing pages
  • Product recommendations
  • Content recommendations
  • Email
  • In-app
  • Chatbot
  • Social Media
  • In-store and POS

Personalised web page content

Personalised landing, category and product listing pages drive conversions by displaying products customers will love. Attraqt’s algorithms can set up landing pages that show a curated selection of products, while category and listing pages display personalised rankings that give weighted prominence to potential must-have items.

Product recommendations

Attraqt can take on the work of a real-life sales assistant by pointing the customer to alternative and complementary items that boost average order value (AOV). And when products are out-of-stock, AI-powered search serves up a range of similar alternatives.

Email marketing

Off the site, Attraqt generates automated personalised direct sales emails and sends recipients to custom landing pages full of products you know they will love. Custom emails have been shown to generate a +40% increase in email click-through rates.

Outside the ecosphere

Attraqt’s omnichannel ecommerce personalisation platform joins up the user experience across websites and apps. It can power chatbots, custom social media content and even provide suggestions for sales assistants at the point-of-sale in real-world stores.

Ecommerce personalisation challenges

Merchandisers face significant challenges when implementing and managing ecommerce personalisation. These challenges become more complex for retailers in the omnichannel landscape, where they must provide a seamless experience across diverse channels to meet consumer demand.


Retailers don’t have sufficient customer datasets to build meaningful personalised experiences.

Attraqt provides several ‘cold start’ strategies that allow ecommerce providers to kickstart personalisation before collecting extensive historical data. Teams can integrate and get started with advanced omnichannel personalisation strategies from the get-go.

Manually implementing personalised journeys is not time or cost-efficient.

Attraqt out-of-the-box solutions let teams reduce time to value and quickly achieve ROI using direct integration tools and software development kits (SDKs). These offer easy integration and risk-free deployment by directly plugging into the most common ecommerce platforms.

Retailers lack the relevant data science, machine learning and AI expertise to implement ecommerce personalisation.

Attraqt uses pre-trained algorithms to align personalisation at every touchpoint and micro-experience seamlessly. And you don’t need to be a data scientist to use them: Attraqt’s tools are easy to set up and manage using a dedicated control panel.

As merchandisers adopt omnichannel workflows, aligning the personalisation experience across multiple channels becomes increasingly challenging.

Attraqt’s product discovery platform joins online, offline and multi-device profiles to present a consistent experience across web, app and social – giving retailers an omnichannel voice that is both loud and consistent.


The power of personalisation


Enhance insight

The AI and machine learning behind the Attraqt platform help identify new customer segments and trends that even the most seasoned data analysts might miss.

Boost revenue

Custom listings, search results, cross-selling and upselling recommendations send click and conversion rates soaring. Ecommerce personalisation also re-engages and reactivates lost sales, so it’s good for the bottom line.

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Build brand loyalty

Ecommerce brands need more than just repeat sales. Personalisation improves the customer experience, generating meaningful transactions and brand loyalty in a world where they are becoming ever more scarce.

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