Online Visual Merchandising

Empower the merchandising function and apply the most effective offline display methods online


Site Search & Navigation

Add powerful visual merchandising techniques to intelligent, intuitive search


Product Recommendations

Deliver more personalised, more relevant recommendations in real time to stimulate purchase and improve conversion rates


ATTRAQT is a revolutionary online visual merchandising tool that helps retailers deliver a step change in their conversion rate, and drive online sale success.


ATTRAQT supports's growth strategy with advanced eCommerce capabilities

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Emma Bridgewater

We saw results immediately, within 10 days the Gift Finder Tool had paid for itself, and also received wide recognition from both customers and our extended business

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The system is user friendly and cost-effective whilst delivering real returns. It's no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight.

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When you see how simple Freestyle Merchandising is to use, you would never guess how sophisticated the technology is.

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The British Museum

Serving a global audience of tourists, enthusiasts and experts, the British Museum Company plays a vital role in generating revenue for separate registered charity the British Museum.

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5 Top Tips for Effective e-Commerce Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is something that we're all familiar with when it comes to an in-store environment. From shop window displays to the sweets around the checkouts, it's hard not to be influenced by careful product positioning. But when it comes to online visual merchandising, working out how to adapt in-store techniques and where to start can seem like a daunting task.

So where should you start? Here are my top five tips to help you ensure your online visual merchandising is as effective as possible:


8 Top Tips for Successful Site Search

Although more users are turning to search, it is still often an area that can be overlooked by retailers. However, if your search is intelligent and is looked after, it can really help you to boost your conversion.

It's a fact that visitors who use search are more likely to purchase.

Here are 8 important search functions that shouldn't be overlooked:


5 Top Tips for Successful AB Testing

The most frequent question I am asked by a client about to embark on an A/B test is, “How do we increase our conversion/revenue". If I could give you a 100% guaranteed to work answer to that question I would be writing this from the rooftop pool of my Manhattan penthouse, but I'm not! While an increase in conversion and revenue is always everyone's end goal, you need to look at it from the right perspective to hit your target.

So let's start with that and do the workings out: what do your customers actually want?


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