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Why switch from Bloomreach to Attraqt?

Our dedicated Customer Support team is always on hand to help

We provide 24/7, multilingual, local support with dedicated Customer Success, Technical Consulting and Experience Consulting teams to enable a smooth integration and onboarding experience.

Internationalisation is in our DNA

At Attraqt, we were built on the foundations of internationalisation. We empower you to make the most of our platform globally with seamless deployment across 40 languages.

Creative control with our visual merchandising capabilities

Unlike Bloomreach, our powerful visual merchandising gives you the ability to curate and control advanced use cases to create a stellar customer experience whilst ensuring trading teams can maximise KPIs.

Seven reasons why brands are choosing Attraqt over Bloomreach

Here are more reasons why thriving brands have chosen Attraqt to power the best shopper discovery experiences:



With Bloomreach’s black box approach, you won’t have full transparency and control over how your algorithms are used, making it difficult to optimise your search across channels.

Alternatively, Attraqt provides a rich search feature set, including the industry’s first AI-powered search engine. Our glass box approach means you have full control over when and how AI is used so you can curate and control advanced use cases.


PrettyLittleThing estimates a multi-million uplift (£) in incremental revenue generated across UK and French sites as a result of our AI-powered search functionality.



Accurate and personalised recommendations are an essential part of any successful product discovery journey. Yet Bloomreach only has the capability to provide product recommendations based on related, trending and popular items.

Alternatively, we have the ability to provide advanced recommendation capabilities – from Visually Similar to Shop the Look – to inspire shoppers at every touchpoint. This is all based on real-time on-site shopper behaviours across product, content and visual recommendations.

135 %

Forever New was able to achieve up to a 135% increase in conversion with our visually similar recommendation functionality.


Visual Merchandising

Boost & bury, redirect and ‘lock-in-place’ are the main merchandising capabilities offered by Bloomreach. These typical capabilities leave customers stuck with slow and manual actions. You need more from your merchandising to delight customers and foster product discovery.

At Attraqt, we blend smart automation with creative control, leveraging AI to do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on enhancing the shopper experience. Our strategy has proven to improve conversions, increase team efficiency and enhance personalisation.


Using Attraqt’s powerful visual merchandising, Nature & Découvertes replicated their in-store experience on their ecommerce site to provide a better onsite experience and boost conversions.


An open ecosystem

Flexibility is an essential part of the product discovery journey to facilitate customisation and agility. Yet Bloomreach relies on a closed technology product suite.

On the other hand, we provide our customers with access to best-of-breed technology across a wide range of capabilities through our partnerships system.


Internationalisation & scalability

If you’re a global brand, you need a platform that’s built to scale. Through a series of complex security and authentication scenarios, Bloomreach limits internationalisation, making it difficult to use their platform on multiple accounts.

If you have international catalogues that need international management, we are lightyears ahead. Our platform easily and effectively scales to enable you to manage 50+ markets in a single environment, create global rules that automatically adapt to local market data points (locale, stock, price, analytics, etc.), and, if needed, the capability to copy rules between environments.


The Attraqt platform empowered Amara to optimise their global sites by replicating and adapting automation across multiple sites so that local search and navigation fit cultural nuances and local strategies.


Integration & onboarding

Time consuming and difficult integrations are common themes at Bloomreach, which only slows your team down and stunts key objectives. You want great results fast, with clear cut processes so your team can make the most of the platform you pick.

With our streaming API and dedicated Technical Consulting team, our customers get a smooth integration and onboarding experience. Not to mention our Attraqt Academy, designed to empower all of our customers with best-in-class expertise on how to squeeze the most out of our product suite.


Customer support

When you’re getting a brand new project up and running, you need reliable local support. As Bloomreach has outsourced their Customer Support team, there’s potential gaps in company and product knowledge as well as linguistic and cultural barriers. What’s more, they don’t provide their customers with a Customer Success Manager. Everything is managed by technical consultants or the sales team giving rise not only to the back and forth during integration, but a lack of continued support long term as your team seeks to optimise and get the best out of the platform.

We pride ourselves on our best-in-class, 24/7 multilingual local support. Our industry experts and dedicated Customer Success & Experience Consulting teams empower you to take full advantage of all our platform has to offer. From years of working with leading brands, we have a library of knowledge and best practices that we’ll share with you throughout our partnership. By investing heavily in the people side of our business, we prepare you for success.

Attraqt Academy

As you progress through our academy, we benchmark you against your peers and push more use cases, fostering a proactive approach to ongoing optimisation.

Gain accreditations and equip your entire team with the knowledge and toolset to get up to speed on our Product Discovery capabilities and beyond.

See AI-powered search in action

Want to see how AI-powered search works? Get a demo with one of our specialists.