Online Merchandising

Blending art & science for standout results

Brick-and-mortar shops use visual merchandising techniques to catch shoppers' eyes and encourage them to buy. With online merchandising, you can create a digital aisle as attractive and enticing as your in-store shelf. Use captivating pages to draw your customers in and offer them alternative options that they'll also fall in love with.

ATTRAQT's online merchandising solutions will help you adjust your online visual merchandising to fulfil a targeted strategy or create theme-based campaigns that display your products in logical and attractive rows. Whatever your objectives, ATTRAQT lets you place items in highly targeted ways while enhancing rankings to make sure your shop always shines.

"At Life Style Sports we have a heavy emphasis on visual merchandising in-store and we wanted to replicate that customer experience online."

Life Style Sports

Case Study
"Our Global Operations has many complexities and ATTRAQT's technology is able to cope with these demand. Search functionality has improved considerably, while merchandisers working on international sites now have the freedom to style a page as they wish."

Pretty Little Thing

Case Study


Standard search algorithms will only take you so far. When you're running special campaigns or promotions, you want the right products to take the lead. By using ATTRAQT's simple eCommerce search interface, you can adjust product placements to guarantee that hero products always take the top slot. 

You can also boost eCommerce search results by creating logic for the placement of each individual product - as well as each row. This will help you find the right conversion cocktail with a mix of automation and human-guided customization that guides shoppers to precisely the products you most want them to see. 


Your online shop isn't just a place to sell products, but rather a channel for creating a customer experience. With effective content merchandising, you can set the mood and strengthen your brand by strategically placing banners, navigation, text and redirects to engage the target customer.  

Every piece of content presents an opportunity to connect with your customers, so you shouldn't let any chance pass you by. With ATTRAQT online merchandising, you can create extended search results that include editorial content, campaigns and more. This will help make all your content visible and not just your products. 


Want to make the system more manageable? ATTRAQT's solutions also allow you to create standard online retail merchandising strategies that bundle the logic together and make it consistent across categories, regions or countries. When your online merchandising is controlled and structured, you can focus on other things, safe in the knowledge that your brand and strategy are clearly managed across all markets.


Make sure you get the most out of every pixel inch with online visual merchandising techniques that catch customers' eyes and keep their attention. With the right product placement and effective content strategies, you'll see fuller shopping carts and a higher AOV.

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