eCommerce Personalization

Making the personal profitable

When you add that little extra touch, your customers notice and respond. Through extras such as personalized adjustments and personalized product recommendations, you can take up-sell and cross-sell to whole new levels. But as you step into the world of eCommerce personalization, it's important to choose a website personalization strategy that's right for your business.

With effective eCommerce Personalization solutions, ATTRAQT can show you how to turn personal into profitable. With an eye on your customers, a passion for your product, and a targeted strategy that reaches your goals, you'll ensure that you're not personalizing for personalization's sake, but rather with a focus on conversion.

"It's a very usable platform. The dashboard is simple to get grips with and you can really play with the technology. ATTRAQT offered us a tool we simply couldn’t find elsewhere."

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Personalization has been a buzzword in eCommerce for years. But what does it actually mean to you? The fact is, each type of retailer views personalization differently. Every shop - and every shopper - needs a particular solution that suits their specific needs. Therefore, each type of retailer needs a different eCommerce personalization solution, and ATTRAQT can offer this by carefully listening to your business needs and responding with a uniquely personalized solution. ATTRAQT is ready to offer you outstanding website personalization options, based on three key pillars:


Let ATTRAQT track the customer journey in real time, calculate preference scores and react to customer needs on a case-by-case basis.


Use algorithms to determine customer preferences, based on stored customer data. Then personalize product offerings based on past transactions and interactions. 


Personalize for different target segments using different offers across a spectrum of channels, from search results and product rankings to online merchandising, facets, redirects and recommendations.

ATTRAQT will work with you to determine which eCommerce personalization strategy is right for your business. We'll help you calibrate your website personalization efforts to ensure they run smoothly and effectively, with little effort from you. And of course, we'll make sure that that the website personalization you offer is the type your customers need most. 


There's no question that a well-timed personalized product recommendation can significantly increase up-sell and cross-sell. But it can also increase customer loyalty and brand preference. So it's wise to offer tailored recommendations that enhance the overall customer shopping experience.

ATTRAQT lets you do this by giving you the tools to place personalized product recommendations anywhere you want. More importantly, we give you full control over the selection methods to help you define a strategy that works best for your specific brand needs. You can:

  •  Hand-pick the products recommended to customers using your own knowledge and expertise
  • Create business strategies for automatic selection of product recommendations
  • Apply machine-learning product recommendation algorithms that make the selections for you
  • Combine any of the above approaches into your own ideal creation

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