What We Do

Leading the way in onsite search, personalization and powerful merchandising


ATTRAQT provides eCommerce retailers with an all-encompassing software solution to radically empower onsite search, merchandising and personalization capabilities. With human-guided automation and easy-to-use interfaces, our core product helps retailers make their online shop as attractive and successful as their brick-and-mortar stores. Extending retail platform functions and putting the power and control back in the hands of merchandising teams is central to what we do.


The ways that we do this revolve around 4 central service pillars which work together in a seamless fashion to deliver real results for retailers. Our online merchandising tools puts merchandisers in the creative driving seat while empowering their ability to deliver impressive sales and conversions with ease. Our onsite search and navigation functions strengthen these results by giving website customers the tools they need to find products easily and quickly online. As part of this approach, we deliver a range of devices that enable retailers to serve up personalized product recommendations in real time to a variety of different customer target groups. This gives brands the ability to increase customer loyalty by satisfying customer demand through innovative and relevant ways. 

These key capabilities are packaged up neatly into 2 centralized 'plug and play' solutions that brands can easily integrate into their pre-existing eCommerce infrastructures. The first of these solutions is called Fredhopper and the second is called Freestyle Merchandising. Click on the relevant links to find out more about the full functionalities of these packages. 

Our business consulting service underpins all of these activities with expert advice to enable retailers to achieve the best possible results in the most efficient ways.

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Together, these core services work as a complete package to give retailers the ability to revolutionise top-line results. The platform can generate step-change improvements in key business performance metrics, while simplifying workflow processes for those who need to deliver. The impact is accelerated performance across a range of key KPIS:

Increased revenues

Retailers using ATTRAQT see an average 23% upturn in revenues within the first 12 months

Boosted conversion rates

Displaying the right product to the right customer at the right time boosts conversions by an average of 50% to 100%

Raised average order values

Smarter product displays and intelligent recommendations lead to bigger basket values

Improved retention rates

More relevant and personalised recommendations deliver a more satisfying customer experience


The ATTRAQT platform excels because of its flexible functionalities and its user-friendly approach.

Plug and Play

You can start to see the benefits of ATTRAQT as soon as you sign up! ATTRAQT is easily integrated with all existing eCommerce platforms and couldn't be simpler to implement. Whether you are looking for Java script, server-side API or extensions to Magento or other retail platforms – we can accommodate a full range of options to suit your business model. We will provide complete support to install the system on your pre-existing eCommerce management suite and will guide you in customizing its features and functionality.

A multilingual, multi-currency platform

Operating from a single dashboard on a SaaS platform and with a flexible pricing model, ATTRAQT is equally accessible to both international retailers or ambitious niche brands who want to expand.

Equally compelling on every device

Merchandising functionalities are at the heart of ATTRAQT products and have been optimized for visual impact across every device, including tablets, mobile and apps.