Platform Innovation


Business doesn't stand still and nor do we.
Providing continuous innovation for our customers.

We know that the world is continuously evolving and that retail is one of those industries that has seen and will see significant change. We want to make sure that our value proposition and underlying technology not only meets your needs today but ultimately exceeds your expectation in the future.

This is why we have a well defined investment and innovation programme in place, to make sure that we stay ahead of the pack, but more importantly that you, our customers, can lead the field in delivering exceptional shopping experiences.


Our innovation and platform development themes.

These support the transformation of big data into insight and into action to ensure that only the very best shopping experiences can be delivered, whilst also supporting your company's critical business goals.

Analyze & Enrich

Turning Big Data


Into Insight


Into Action

Cloud Platform

Our clients expect exceptional performance, reliability, scalability and security to underpin their mission critical business.

Smart Data

Integrating and enriching Big Data creates Smart Data that unlocks the creative potential of merchandisers.

Creative Control

Design and automation of exceptional shopping experiences is a collaboration between merchandiser and systems.

Actionable Insights

Analysis of Smart Data reveals accurate insights, enabling merchandisers to maximise Return on Investment (ROI).

Shopper Experiences

Natural language, voice and visual innovation help create a consistent and engaging omni-channel dialog with shoppers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence delivers benefit in many areas of our platform helping us to learn, adapt, optimise and grow together.


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