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Attraqt acquired pesonalization leaders Early Birds in May 2019. Further strengthened by the Early Birds award winning team and AI platform, the Experience Orchestrator (XO),  we now deliver a groundbreaking unified solution that 
 delivers advanced omnichannel search, merchandising, as well as product & content personalization for retailers & brands.

These are exciting times for Attraqt (and our customers!)



Attraqt is a leader in activating smart data to deliver search, merchandising and personalization ecommerce solutions via the Fredhopper Discovery Platform and The Experience Orchestrator (XO)

The Experience Orchestrator (XO) brings data science & marketing teams for large ecommmerce customers on a single platform to orchestrate AI models in real-time and build personalization strategies.



“Bringing the Early Birds XO platform into Attraqt is a natural but an equally transformational leap forward for us to define AI Commerce. This is a time when brands and retailers need tremendous support to navigate an era of sweeping changes. The competition to create distinctive, differentiated shopper experiences and yet still be commercially successful is fierce. The hugely positive response we've received since the acquisition shows us that retailers and brands are hungry to amplify their creative merchandising talents with an algorithmic approach to orchestrate the best shopper journeys.”

Luke McKeever
CEO of Attraqt


 Attraqt Innovation - redefining the future of AI commerce 



Attraqt’s pedigree in data-led search and merchandising capabilities enables retailers to optimize product discovery and visual curation.

The integration of the Experience Orchestrator (XO)

We've now integrated the award winning Early Birds platform (XO's)  ability to empower learning algorithms. Enabling brands to orchestrate and personalize the entire shopper journey.


AI Commerce

The future of AI-driven commerce will be redefined by this combination of smart automation and human creativity. This comes at a time when many retailers are struggling to meet rising expectations of shoppers who demand the efficient, personalized offering of online shopping alongside the richness and curated inspiration of an in-store experience.

Now retailers and brands will have the ability to orchestrate enhanced shopper journeys that transform shopping experiences whilst delivering superior commercial returns. 


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AI Commerce

Attraqt & Early Birds combine forces to power AI-Driven Commerce. The future of retail is here.


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