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Attraqt has pioneered the ecommerce space for almost two decades. We continue to innovate and find new ways to apply technologies like AI to enhance the value that is delivered to our thriving customer community of over 300 brands.

Introducing four new innovative solutions that combine our recommendation engines with advanced image recognition technology to power more relevant and inspiring shopper experiences.


Visual Recommendations Solutions

Innovation through advanced image recognition.

Visually Similar

Enabling a shopper to consider all the available alternatives to a selected item, that are visually very similar.

Shop The Look

Enabling a shopper to identify and consider other items that would work very well with a specific item that has been selected.

Visual Tagging

Enabling a shopper to browse items by specific attributes, such as design features, style or even the occasion the item is suited for.

Visual Search

Enabling a shopper to upload an image in order to search for the same or a very similar item, based on its visual characteristics.


"Visually Similar recommendations have helped us to present products that meet their requirements without compromising on the original style of the product that attracted the shopper in the first place. It has also encouraged seamless product discovery and inspiration with shoppers now purchasing new but similar styles and products across our vast product range."

Rachel Tigel,
Senior Ecommerce Manager, Forever New


Transform the Shopper Experience

Our Visual Recommendations solutions enable retailers to automatically recommend products where patterns, style, color or shape are hard to express in words but are significantly easier to convey through images.


Analyses the visual characteristics of an item and identifies other items that are visually very similar.

  • Provides alternatives to any Out of Stocks
  • Promotes the up-sell of similar products
  • Conveys visually merchandised/ handpicked recommendations


Analyses and identifies all the items worn by a model and builds associations between them.

  • Promotes the cross-selling of a model’s entire outfit
  • Makes media or editorial content highly shoppable
  • Dramatically reduces the manual work of merchandisers

Visual Tagging

Analyses key specific visual characteristics of every item in the catalogue and tags them by an array of different attributes.

  • Dramatically enhances accuracy of product information
  • Enables shopper to shop by style profiles
  • Improves searchability and SEO to ensure the right products are matched in search results


Enables a shopper to upload an image in order to search for the same or a very similar item, based on its unique visual characteristics.

  • Significantly improves search relevancy
  • Seamlessly and quickly guides shopper to items of interest
  • Improves merchandising efficiency

Visual Recommendations

Visual recommendations has the power to completely transform the modern-day shopping experience for ecommerce brands and shoppers. Learn how Attraqt is enabling retailers to do this with its latest innovations.


Visual Recommendations Benefits

Dramatically improve your shopper experience and overall ecommerce performance.

  • Commercial Value

    Increase conversion rates
    Increase up-sell of similar products
    Achieve higher Average Order Values

  • Shopper Experience

    Improve search relevancy
    Shoppers quickly guided to items of interest
    Reduce negative impact of out of stocks

  • Merchandising Efficiency

    Dramatically improve Merchandiser's efficiency
    Merchandisers able to curate more category pages
    Reduce the manual effort in producing outfits

  • Infrastructure Gains

    Fast and accurate product tagging
    Products online faster
    Greater efficiency on multiple sites



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