Headless Commerce

Be agile, flexible and scale at speed with our API-driven approach



Integrate seamlessly with any system

Our platform is built on a headless architecture. This makes it easy for you to manage everything using tools and dashboards designed for trading and merchandising teams. Seamlessly integrate and manage your own data, algorithms and models using our powerful APIs. Connect to your analytics platform to access data in real-time.

Scale effortlessly

Scale easily and automatically, serving a catalogue of a million products or more. Launch campaigns like limited-time flash sales or product drops… at speed!

We are built for Peak trading.

In 2020 we served over 127 billion queries, with 100% uninterrupted service provided during this entire trading period.


Open new retail channels easily

Quickly connect with any existing retail environment to reach new customers. Make use of our best-in-class tools. This way you can remove constraints and complexity associated with some platforms. Quickly access and discover value in new shopping channels. And keep the momentum going with continuous improvement.

Access new functionality instantly

Each task is decoupled from the ecommerce platform itself. This allows you to deploy independent, high-value features quickly without impacting other applications. You get to create a seamless user experience. And enable continuous improvements with easy access to any new functionality.


Real-time data and relevance

Ensure your product catalogue is indexed in real-time, so that shoppers get the latest information on price, availability and product attributes. Never disappoint shoppers with irrelevant results again.

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