Automation and Creative Control

Personalisation that’s driven by your business and brand needs


One-to-one personalisation at scale. Make every interaction count with the power of AI and merchandiser control.

With every click, shoppers signal what they want to buy. Utilise our algorithms, based on real-time behaviour, to personalise results.

This boosts conversions as every customer receives a 1-2-1 level of personalisation at scale. Merchandisers can also capitalise on their expertise and brand needs to shape and control algorithms to get the best of both worlds – AI automation and control allowing them to tailor merchandiser strategies based on context and their own real-life experiences.

Intuition isn’t dead, it’s just automated

Don’t rely on intuition: Our evidence-based action counts every time, but sometimes merchandisers need to take control, that’s what’s different about us.

When you automate, you can merchandise smarter and focus on value creation

There’s more time to be creative when you automate, let our platform do the repetitive jobs. Free up your merchandisers to focus on value-added tasks such as optimising trading strategies, seasonal promotions and making better use of insights and data analytics. Make more time for creative thinking.

Our customers have seen significant efficiency and value gains through our proprietary approach:

  • 30% better ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO)
  • 60% improvement in operational efficiency
  • 100% increase in team productivity and efficiency

Choose what to automate, when to be creative. You’re in control

  • We don’t expect you to trust our AI blindly! Our platform enables you to determine exactly how and when AI is applied. You’ve got full control and transparency.
  • Override automation at any point to balance personalisation and commercial goals. Promote specific brands, boost or bury products, or merchandise by KPIs.
  • Easily preview and verify personalisation algorithms and merchandising rules through our Chrome extension, so that you remain in full control of the brand experience.


Deploy a data-driven, growth mindset

We help you continuously optimise your brand strategies through real-time data insights and analytics.

Proven uplift in conversions and sales

“We are such a small team, so being able to use Attraqt’s technology to automate our site has been invaluable. I can just test and implement the strategies, leave them running and go back to it as and when I need to and then easily identify and implement the successful ones across the site. Not only are we now able to justify why we have a certain sort order on a page, but we also feel reassured that it is statistically proven to work and drives sales across the site.”

Alice Waldeck Product Manager, OKA

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