Optimised Shopper Journey

Discover enhanced customer journey optimisation. Understand what your ecommerce shoppers are looking for at each step of the customer journey to anticipate and react to their needs

Orchestrating Shopper Journeys

Paul Tough, Chief Technology Officer, Attraqt


Make it so simple for your customers to search, browse and find

  • Capture search query within shopper context and intent
  • Return products that match shopper intent and expectations immediately
  • Present and rank relevant products
  • Handle low confidence searches and errors 
  • Automatically learn from user queries and interactions to deliver precise search results 
  • Enrich results with semantic similarities between images and text
  • Inspire and curate product discovery at every stage of the journey, in real-time 
  • Create association between similar looking items
  • Eliminate zero results by applying learnings to a never seen before search term
  • Return relevant results by identifying common themes in searches


Ecommerce Navigation 

Offer your shoppers multiple paths to engagement

  • Enable shoppers to control catalogue discovery 
  • Narrow down results to the products that exactly match their needs
  • Provide customised filters that can be created, changed and prioritised on the fly
  • Refine the browsing experience 
  • Enable the shopper to seamlessly navigate between category & product pages and everywhere else on the site



Guide shoppers to find items they want and also discover items they hadn't considered before.

  • Match product recommendations to intent and behaviour
  • Complement and enhance existing and visually similar recommendations (Shop the Look)
  • Hand-pick and suggest product recommendations that are based on in-the-moment trends and the wisdom of the crowd
  • Recommend items that are picked automatically through configurable filtering and sorting criteria


Visual Recommendations

Post-purchase engagement

  • Connect the customer journey and bring them back to your website to buy again
  • Personalise emails to motivate re-engagement
  • Create personalised landing pages that serve contextually relevant content and messages


"Search functionality has improved considerably, while merchandisers working on international sites now have the freedom to style a page as they wish, based on seasonality. These improvements, together with an overall increase in performance of our sites have contributed to the recent uplifts in order value and conversion."

James McDougall
Head of IT, PrettyLittleThing

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