Outstanding search discovery, precisely at your shoppers' fingertips.

The key to an effective search strategy is to understand how – and why – your customers search. Then make their search experience as simple, streamlined and as inspiring as possible.

We know how to turn your search challenges into search successes by providing highly relevant search results, identifying and resolving search mismatches, and minimizing the occurrence of zero/low search results.



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2.6+ Billion

Rows of data sent to us by our clients on Cyber Monday 2018


Search and you will find

As a Merchandiser you're looking to deliver accurate and relevant results to the shopper, optimize zero results and low search results and adjust search results to push and promote key products and brands.

Discovering Intent

Capturing the search query (search terms) and the shopper context, processing this information, and applying it in order to identify their precise shopping intent.

Product Matching

Returning the products that precisely match the shopper interests and expectations, based on their search behavior.

Product Ranking

Presenting those products in a way that delivers unprecedented relevancy and is very easy for the shopper to navigate to what interests them.


The White Company has a lot of complex products, and with Attraqt, straight away we went from having 7 different attributes that we could rank our search results pages on to over 50 different attributes. That instant increase of power and flexibility and functionality is what got our buy-in straight away.

Alex McCracken,
UK Commercial Trading Manager, The White Company


Key deliverables

Our search solutions enable the shopper to seamlessly search with minimal effort to find what they are looking for, even when they make a mistake. 


Handling zero results; reducing bounce rates on search by delivering results, even when there are no exact matches.


Eliminating the errors; including spelling errors, singular / plural disagreement, complex or compound word descriptions and handling special characters as well as over 40 different languages.


Enhancing partial matching; applying a default ranking which relies on natural relevance and then enabling Merchandisers to enhance the "natural" relevance with merchandising strategies to change how things are ranked (ordered) on the page.


Applying typeahead/autocomplete functionality; bringing accurate & meaningful content to shoppers, to inspire them, to anticipate their intent, and to improve the search experience.


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