Recommendations that surprise and delight


Personalised recommendations

Providing ecommerce product recommendations that exactly match the shopper's search intent and online browsing behaviour


Inspiring recommendations

Hand-pick and suggest ecommerce product recommendations that are based on in-the-moment trends and the wisdom of the crowd


Complementary recommendations

Present ecommerce product recommendations that complement and enhance existing choices and items of interest

"The recommendations feature tied into what we needed, and looked like something we could grow with as well."

Andressa Rojas,
Senior Ecommerce Merchandiser, Oak Furniture Land

Key deliverables

Effective recommendations that guide shoppers;  highlight the brand style, inspire with highly popular, relevant items and guide the shopper to items they hadn't considered before.


Recommendations on home, lister, and product detail pages

Recommendations are picked automatically through configurable filtering and sorting criteria


Inspiring recommendations

Enable hand-picked or curated recommendations or apply key trends and wisdom of the crowd to suggest items that surprise and delight 


Visual recommendations

Recognise and recommend similar products from single-product images (Visually Similar) and/or related and similar products from images of editorial looks (Shop the Look) to promote cross-sell and up-sell

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