Personalise the shopper experience at the precise moment that really matters

Great personalisation needs great data. It's not just about having enough data, but the data that reveals real shopper intent and interests.

Real-time contextual data and behavioural data are what matter. They provide a rich, real-time view of exactly what resonates with the precise needs and expectations of the shopper at that very moment.


Prescriptive Personalisation

Recommend products based on known information about the shopper, such as previous transaction history and preferences


Adaptive Personalisation

Recommend products based on the real-time online behaviour of the shopper, which reflects the exact shopper intent in that moment. So it's the best kind of personalisation!


Customised Personalisation

Recommend products based on the wisdom of the crowd. Create shopper profiles and / or customised business rules that define when, where, and how products are recommended based on your commercial goals

"The ranking feature is great because you can put a default sort on your whole site or personalise that to different categories."

Stephanie Young,
Online Visual Merchandiser, End Clothing

Attraqt & OKA - Personalising the Site Experience

Discover how Attraqt has helped luxury homewares retailer OKA to personalise the site experience for key customer segments.

Key deliverables

Personalisation is simply a must-have on ecommerce sites

Customise your interaction with every shopper to increase relevancy. Achieve this by capturing the data that understands online shopping intent and then apply it to create a truly personalised and highly relevant experience

Personal for you

Present items to the current shopper, based on their known data and historical purchases and interactions. Combine this with data you already have about your shopper

Most Popular

Present items that the most number of users, with similar needs to an individual shopper, have interacted with. This indicates popular products based on all historical items and interactions. Reflect key trends and wisdom of the crowd

Hot Mix - Collection of much-liked miscellaneous items

Present very popular items and represent every area of shopper interest. This is based on historical behavioural data for all shoppers, who have similar preferences to an individual shopper

Others also liked

Present items that other users who have interacted with the current item, have also interacted with. This is likely to make it relevant for your shopper

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