Seamless and intuitive navigation is an essential part of the shopper experience, especially when your shoppers are engaging with you through mobile.



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The key is to keep categories simple to understand, to use facets that are clearly linked and help specify a product result, and to provide facet ordering and positioning that guides the shopper in a seamless and intuitive way.


Establishing and applying a category structure that adds value to the shopper experience.

Facets / Filters

Automating and customizing the order that facets are presented to optimize the navigation experience, and to make it easy for the shopper to switch them on and off.

Locations (spots)

Identifying specific locations in the store and tailoring content to them, based on identified shopper intent.


Season on season we’re getting more and more products and our stock holding is growing so it’s really helpful for us to modify our pages accordingly to what we would like our customers to see and what we feel they would want to see in terms of trends. It’s a great chance for us to push our key products forward.

Stephanie Young,
Online Visual Merchandiser, END Clothing


Key deliverables

Our navigation solution enables the shopper to do effective catalog discovery, as well as easily narrow down a list of results to the products that exactly match their needs.


Providing faceted navigation; enabling the shopper to fine-tune results with after search refinement so they can quickly focus in on the products of real interest.


Providing continuous navigation; enabling the shopper to seamlessly navigate between category and product pages and everywhere else on the site.


Enabling guided navigation; providing customized filters that can be created, changed and prioritized on the fly in order to help the shopper find the results that are most relevant and inspiring, in the quickest possible time.


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