Online Visual Merchandising Solutions

For truly great online visual merchandising, combine smart automation, where the technology does the heavy lifting, with creative control to augment and enhance the overall experience

Every merchandiser needs complete control over the front-end presentation to ensure that products are presented to shoppers in the best way.
Make it easy to deliver valuable and inspiring recommendations for shoppers to easily find the products that will surprise and delight them.


"The capability to be able to create manually merchandised and curated collections is a really important feature that we’re using, and given Beauty Bay prides itself on providing curated experiences for our consumers, even just that basic capability has made a big difference to our visual merchandising teams."

Nik Southworth,
Chief Technology Officer, Beauty Bay


Attraqt - Empowering Expert Curation for Beauty Bay

Learn how Attraqt helps visual merchandisers to curate and enhance retail shopping experiences.


Merchandise like a master


Configure and define triggers; triggers are conditions that must be met before a specific strategy is applied. These should always be based on a full set of data points

Strategies (rules)

Apply strategies; set different merchandising strategy settings, triggered on different pages or at different times. With our simple UX in hand, your strategies become completely configurable.  Ensure that all category/product pages exactly match your top commercial goals

Insights Reporting

Actionable insights; track multiple data points - views, adds to basket, purchases, search terms and conversions by category and product pages.  Effectively report on the data so teams can better apply triggers and strategies


"Knowing how powerful and unique our in store experience is in motivating shoppers, we were driven by a desire to curate our online offering so that it could deliver in a similar way to our London boutiques."When we came across Attraqt we saw huge benefits in utilising its full suite of tools. With more than 200 independent luxury brands represented on our site it was hugely important to us to not only deliver powerful merchandising but also offer efficient guidance to assist potential purchasers. Attraqt now allows us to do that with ease." 

“We can now present our mix of designers and products on-site in a much more visually compelling manner. Its a much more accurate reflection of the unique in- store experience that we know our customers love."

George Graham
Co-Founder, Wolf and Badger 


Key deliverables

Merchandisers have full control over content on the home page, on product listing pages (e.g. category pages, search results pages, pages reached via navigation), and product detail pages, as well as the content on the page (how it's ranked, visually presented, filtering out particular content, showing certain products & content, hiding other, etc)


Apply specific strategies; like promoting high-margin items or high inventory items to help deliver on commercial goals


Order by availability; prioritizing what products get showed based on product availability to improve conversion and ensure the right experience


Deliver surprise & delight; override and augment results with hand-picked collections, trending items and even items that may not sit within current shopper intent


Sort as a collection; display products that convey the head-to-toe perspective so the shopper sees the full outfit and can consider how products work together


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