We pride ourselves on our market leading algorithms

Conversion rates soar when you deploy our suite of machine learning tools


Use the best algorithm for each strategy

Discover the best performing algorithm for each use case through our test-and-learn approach. From promoting high-margin or high-inventory items to helping deliver on commercial goals.

Bring your own algorithms

You know your company and customers best. Capitalise on your brand expertise by developing your own. In the process differentiate yourself from competitors.


Algorithm library

Select from a wide variety of our pre-trained and third-party algorithms accessible through our extensive library.

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Mix and match

Combine multiple, high-performance algorithms to provide the best level of personalisation possible with the data available to you.


Test, understand, analyse and optimise

Identify the most effective strategies using A/B testing at the model, algorithm and merchandising levels.

High performance needs an orchestra of algorithms. That’s why we have a wide variety of use case led algorithms to choose from.


Wisdom of the crowd/discovery algorithms

Most Popular, Most Trendy, Best Sellers


Light personalisation/ loyalty algorithms

Last Viewed, Last Purchased


Upsell algorithms

Users Also Liked, Users Also Viewed, Similar Items


Cross-sell algorithms

Frequently Bought Together


Our customers see incredible results when they use our Algorithm Orchestrator:

  • 2.5% increase in conversion rates from using our cross-sell strategies
  • 80% of turnover is now generated via 20% of the products. This occurred when algorithms generated personalised recommendations
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“Our online traffic grew significantly during the lockdown, with consumer behaviour unpredictable and changing on a daily basis, it was reassuring to see Attraqt’s algorithms adapt in real-time and increase our revenue.”

Sothéa Hem Former Head of E-Merchandising, Boulanger

“Algorithm orchestration is something we didn’t have before. Thanks to Attraqt we now have the ability to deploy a stack of strategies including primary and fallback strategies. This allows us to find the optimum combination of different algorithms. Furthermore, our data scientists are able to work much more efficiently on the platform. This has been groundbreaking for Cdiscount.”

Simon Berthet-Bondet Former Head of Merchandising, Cdiscount

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