Fast and easy integration

Hit the ground running and go live within weeks!


Any business user can work with our advanced user-friendly interface, with dedicated tooling for merchandisers and customer experience professionals.

You can start right now with our direct integrations and software development kits (SDKs) that plug into a selection of best-in-class ecommerce platforms.


Easy migration or integration


Fast, risk-free deployment


Quicker routes to market


Reduced time to value and return on investment

We are fully integrated with:

BigCommerce, Commercetools, Shopify, Magento, Magnolia

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Faster time to value

We offer a speedy path to value and return on investment through:

  • Pre-trained algorithms: No in-house data scientists? No problem! We’ve done the groundwork for you already! Our algorithms come pre-trained, they are also easy to set up and manage through dedicated tooling.
  • Cold start strategies: No need for historical data. We offer cold-start strategies so you can benefit from our advanced personalisation and cutting-edge AI from the offset.
  • Training and resources: You are not alone! Benefit from 24/7 multi-lingual support by industry experts and dedicated technical and customer experience teams. They will empower you to take full advantage of our platform.
  • Attraqt Academy: Gain accreditation as you progress through beginner to advanced courses. Our training will improve and broaden your team’s skills.

Built for brands that want to move quickly

Open and flexible

Available via APIs, JavaScript and software development kits


Get started right away with fast integration and deployment


Out-of-the-box solutions enable you to drive value right away

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