Email Recommendations

Connect and extend the exceptional online shopping experience into a rich and highly compelling omni-channel customer relationship


Individual Recommendations

Deliver recommendations that are unique and specific to the individual


Reverse Recommendations

Deliver recommendations to those customers that you know will be interested


Personalised Landing Pages

Link customer emails to personalised landing pages that reflect a customer's precise interests and preferences

Personalise the entire shopper journey, end to end

Reverse Recommendations

  • Each email is only sent to the relevant individuals or customer segments that have a strong correlation with the specific products you are seeking to promote.

Individual Recommendations

  • Each email is uniquely personalised to the customer
  • The email displays dynamic content and products that are automatically updated according to the rules and triggers that are applied.
  • Every email is personalised to the individual, their position in the buyer's journey and your merchandising strategy


Personalised Landing Pages

  • Dynamically create the landing page when the customer clicks the email link
  • Display the exact same selection of products as presented in the email
  • Recommend other products that are precisely in line with the customer's interests and preferences

The Benefits

By utilising highly personalised emails, you are able to provide customers with the exact information that inspires them, interests them and ultimately motivates them to respond. In this way you will be able to build stronger more valuable relationships that lead to higher conversion rates and improved commercial performance


Open rates by up to



Response rates by up to

5 times


Customer satisfaction by


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