Efficient Visual Merchandising

Increase agility, automate tasks and empower onsite merchandisers to focus on strategy and creativity that delivers greater operational efficiency, commercial value & ROI

Ranking and Sorting Products

Present products and page storytelling that deliver on trading, team efficiency and experiential goals 

  • Apply automated rules and strategies on lister and PDP pages to rank and sort products efficiently
  • Easily set triggers for your visual merchandising strategies, based on specific conditions
  • Sort and present products by collections and features, to convey how products work together 
  • Curate more pages and influence more shoppers



Easily create, deploy and control campaigns in real-time with content that shoppers want to engage with

  • Show relevant content based on intent and contextual behaviour
  • Inspire product discovery and brand engagement with the right content and storytelling 
  • Curate and customise content based on trending products and in-the-moment factors, with automation and manual overrides
  • Set different merchandising strategy settings, triggered on different pages or at different times
  • Ensure that all category/product pages exactly match your top commercial goals
  • Effectively report on multiple data points to apply triggers and strategies
  • Prioritise which products are displayed based on product availability to improve conversion and ensure the right experience

Multi-site Localisation

Efficiently benefit from shopping days all around the world

  • Offer Multi-language website experiences across all sites
  • Localise content based on commercial trends and in-market shopper behaviour
  • Curate and present localised social proof and nudges to build shopper trust
  • Localise best-seller promotions
  • Manage all channels and share key testing & insight, with minimal effort, across all your international sites


We support 41 languages across 30 countries

Deliver +300% increase in operational efficiency by being able to copy and add, publish and map business rules across regions, territories and sites

Search functionality has improved considerably, while merchandisers working on international sites now have the freedom to style a page as they wish, based on seasonality. These improvements, together with an overall increase in performance of our sites have contributed to the recent uplifts in order value and conversion.

James McDougall
Head of IT, PrettyLittleThing

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