AI Scores


Attraqt's AI Scores power personalized native search experiences by using machine learning capabilities to deliver personalized rankings and product recommendations at each step of the customer journey.

We personalize the customer experience by using our best-in-class algorithms to identify the relevant activities of your customers throughout their journey to present products in line with their preferences, interests and intentions.

This enables retailers to deliver individualized search experiences, personalized by channel, that support and guide the customer from discovery through to inspiration, purchase and beyond. 


The AI Scores advantage

Powering personalized search experiences that are relevant to customer needs. 

Identify Behavior Patterns

Identify the relevant activities and signals of your customers throughout their journey and on all sales channels to define behavior patterns and segmentation.

Apply Intelligence Layer

Use our algorithm-driven capabilities to deliver personalized rankings and recommendations at each step of the customer search experience. 

Build Personalized Experiences

Build individualized search experiences that support the customer from discovery, to inspiration, purchase, and beyond.


Enhance personalization across your onsite experiences

Our AI Scores solution enables retailers to automatically enhance the relevancy of the onsite search process, from the display of results in a customer's search results page to the type of products shown in product recommendation zones. Deliver highly personalized experiences for your customers in 4 ways:


Display items that are relevant to the preferences of your diverse customer segments:

  • Recommend items for the current shoppers based on their customer segment
  • Engage shoppers with items in line with their interests and real-time behavior, based on other shoppers who have acted in a very similar way to them
  • Ensure optimized conversion and retention through highly engaging content


Recommend products that have proven popular with your existing customer base: 

  • Recommend popular items that other users have interacted with
  • Inspire shoppers to view and purchase social-proofed popular products
  • Create ‘buy now’ urgency based on the wisdom of the crowd


Showcase trending products that have picked up traction with your shoppers:

  • Weight product ranking and recommendations based on shopper engagement with best sellers
  • Enable a real-time view for shoppers to see how many other shoppers like popular items
  • Base weightings on tendencies and frequency of changes, to reflect trends immediately as they happen


Enable your shoppers to view and shop items that are most in demand with your customers: 

  • Recommend top-selling products
  • Enable discovery by presenting trending items most purchased by likeminded shoppers 
  • Connect trending products to inventory and stock levels, to ensure availability and reduce fragmentation

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The Future of AI Commerce



AI Scores relies on the world-class capabilities of Attraqt's Early Birds AI platform to deliver complete real-time 1:1 personalisation. This gives retailers the power to capture, analyse and action both historic customer data trends and in-the-moment browsing behaviors so that the onsite experience is a relevant to customer needs as it can be.

React to each shoppers’ individual shopping moments, configure, test and deploy personalization algorithms in real-time and apply smart merchandising to build high-performance personalization strategies.

Find out more about this winning combination of capabilities in our Attraqt & Early Birds press release, or get in touch.


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