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Find more time for creativity when you automate. Let us digitise repetitive tasks, so you can focus on adding value.


Benefit from increased team efficiency. Automation means merchandisers have more time to focus on what matters – boosting trading strategies, as well as making better use of data-driven insights and analytics Our AI and machine learning powered tools and automation saves on manual processes

Drop in ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO)

30 %

Boost in operational efficiency

60 %

“Attraqt has enabled Amara to elevate ecommerce site search, personalisation and merchandising in a way that puts the customer at the centre of the experience. With Attraqt, product discovery has become an efficient and essential part of our shopper journeys. Significantly, this integration has boosted operational efficiency, by arming the team that holds the website performance metrics with the ability to continuously implement strategic decision making. It’s also clear that Attraqt continues to fortify its platform as they roll out their AI portfolio, and this looks set to support our growth trajectory in what is now a fiercely competitive, digital-first retail landscape.”

Ben Blackwell Chief Marketing Officer, Amara

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