Convert more

Turn visitors into customers, then into repeat buyers


Optimise conversions and achieve a higher average order value (AOV) with our intelligent product discovery platform

Build better shopping experiences and convert more sales by offering extremely relevant products to every customer, each time they interact with you

Personalise omnichannel journeys

Provide frictionless personalisation tailored to each shopper across multiple touchpoints. Help them seamlessly pick up on the next visit where they left off.


Generate lightning-fast search results

Make use of our AI-powered search engine, which suggests products as a shopper types, accounting for spelling errors and suggesting alternative product names.

Optimise your Product Listing Pages

PLPs are an untapped goldmine for conversions. Personalised rankings on listing pages will help you convert more visitors into customers.


Inspire upselling and cross-selling

We help you boost average order value (AOV) and drive additional purchases through alternative or complementary product recommendations.

Offer visually similar alternatives

Never miss a sale again because of out-of-stock items, AI-powered search serves up comparable alternatives.


Enhance your product discovery

Our digital Shopping Assistant and Gift Finders are now comparable to a human sales associate in-store.

Nature & Découvertes achieved amazing results:

  • 65% increase in product display page (PDP) views when using our Shopping Assistant
  • 7% increase in click through rates (CTR)
  • 17% increase in conversion
  • 7x increase in global revenues through the Shopping Assistant
  • 9% global revenues generated through on-site recommendations
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We help you continuously optimise your brand strategies through real-time data insights and analytics

Proven uplift in conversions and sales

Increase in conversion rate from our AI-powered search engine.

35 %

Increase in conversion rate from better recommendations.

17.6 %

Boost to revenue when using our product discovery platform.

3 x

We use Attraqt for three purposes: to inspire our users, to provide them with a better online experience and to boost conversions. The digital Shopping Assistant particularly allows us to replicate the in-store experience customers can have with our in-store shopping advisors.

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