A/B testing & optimisation

Experiment. Optimise. Convert.

Improve micro and overall conversions by testing configurations, modifying strategies and uncovering new tactics through data.

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Improve shopper experience with A/B testing

Test and optimise your merchandising and recommendations strategies to unlock revenue opportunities. Combine different algorithms and test their performance to improve results.


Make data-driven decisions with analytics dashboards

Make fast decisions based on data and advance your search, merchandising and recommendation strategies. Optimise your most popular pages and improve click through rates (CTR) by testing different search configurations, tweaking algorithms and editing merchandising rules.


Define the strategy that works better for your business with AI transparency

Never stay in the dark. View the AI algorithms recommendation strategies without leaving your eCommerce site with our Google Chrome Extension. Understand why an algorithm was selected by looking at the API call. A/B test your algorithm strategies and use the results to improve conversions.

How can A/B testing & optimisation work on your site?