Experience Optimization


Our Experience Optimization team is available whenever you need us, to help optimize your ecommerce performance.


Assistance at every step

From understanding the opportunity, to developing the execution plan, to validating and quantifying the improvement in performance.


Identify any merchandising issues you are facing, measure the outcomes of your current approach and confirm your key commercial objectives moving forward.


Propose optimized strategies to ensure achievement of your business goals, along with a step-by-step implementation plan to ensure perfect execution.


Analyse findings to ensure success and discover further growth opportunities, that will further improve commercial and operational performance.


Real Actionable Insights (AI)

We deploy our years of expertise in understanding how key tactics result in improved commercial performance, to guide your teams to deliver the highest possible returns.


Consultation and assessment; we review business initiatives and KPIs and undertake an assessment of current strategies & configuration using our own proprietary "Value Discovery Model". This identifies and calculates the opportunity for improved metric performance, where goals and actions may be misaligned.


Determining ROI; we provide a proposal document which outlines strategic merchandising use cases relating to key initiatives along with a detailed execution plan. This confirms the expected impact of use cases on specific KPIs, and overall ROI.


Applying creative control; we will execute all the triggers and rules, as well as undertaking key testing. We will also calculate and report on results whilst providing additional recommendations for immediate implementation.


Continuous experience optimization; we provide a testing and analysis report to measure success and ensure the project is delivering positively against business KPIs. This is will also highlight opportunities for further improvement.


The Site Review has helped us to take a more structured approach to managing our Trading & Merchandising principles and has significantly empowered our Merchandising team.



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