Your guide to reducing ecommerce search abandonment

Your guide to reducing ecommerce search abandonment
Posted by Attraqt | 20 July 2022

Effective product discovery is a win-win – customers get an enjoyable shopping experience and retailers see an uplift in conversions. Yet many brands are stumbling at the first hurdle by failing to provide relevant on-site search.

This can be a costly mistake, as inadequate search paves the way for customers to give up and go elsewhere. Ecommerce search abandonment is when a shopper searches for a product but does not find what they are looking for, and costs retailers more than $300 billion annually in the US alone.

In this blog, we’re going to explore exactly what causes search abandonment and how you can stop it from taking a toll on your ecommerce site.

Why search abandonment is a wasted opportunity


In short, customers expect speed, relevance and convenience when it comes to search. But as shoppers are using natural language to find products online, complex and long-tail searches are sky-rocketing zero results and making it more challenging to unfailingly meet expectations. Spelling mistakes as well as synonyms also wreak havoc on the relevancy of results.

The challenge of providing high-quality search and reducing search abandonment comes down to retailers unable to understand user intent and the context of the search, as well as the inability to accurately tag products with relevant keywords. This becomes more taxing as the product catalogue grows and site locations are added.

The good news is that these challenges can quickly become resolved by tapping into the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How can you minimise search abandonment?

Good on-site search can quickly become a money-making machine. More than 50% of consumers end up purchasing additional items once they find their target item. But how can you ensure your search performs well?

Upgrading your on-site search with Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensures every search query is
met with personalised results, accurate recommendations and lightning-fast responses. It’s an infallible way to impress shoppers and hence reduce search abandonment.

By using all available product data and combining language processing, deep learning and computer vision, the AI builds a comprehensive semantic representation of each product. This way, AI can understand the underlying intent in search requests and match relevant products, even if they don’t explicitly mention the terms in the search request.

After their deployment of AI-powered search, which was focused on the 15% of searches that were identified as complex and longtail, PrettyLittleThing increased conversions by 20% for affected searches in the UK and by 34% for affected searches in France.

What’s more, PLT increased product detail page click rates from affected searches in the UK by 41% and reduced zero-result searches by 97%, showing an upturn in customer engagement and huge improvements in the quality of search.

These self-learning algorithms tailor each query to the customer’s intent and behaviour, to ensure continuous optimisation of search results and the product discovery experience.


Reduce ecommerce search abandonment with intelligent search

It’s easy to take an effective on-site search for granted but search abandonment is a growing concern for retailers.

To tackle search abandonment, start by investigating its causes and employ intelligent tools such as AI-powered search to power relevant recommendations, fast response times and personalised product discovery experiences. You will soon see an uplift in conversions, improvements in customer loyalty and the ability to meet customer expectations.

To learn more about AI-powered search and discover how to improve your product discovery journey, check out our new feature guide, What is AI-powered search? Alternatively, to see how the Attraqt AI-powered search would directly benefit your business, book a free demo with one of our experts here.

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