Why Lists are So Revealing

Why Lists are So Revealing
Posted by Attraqt | 8 October 2021

Discover why Retail Week’s top 30 multi-channel retailers stand out.

I love a good list. Best gastropubs in London, 50 best beaches in Britain, 12 long weekends in Europe – I always make time to read these annual insights.

Lists are revealing, particularly when they are about retailers, as how the big names are performing has implications for the industry as a whole. The UK retail press regularly publishes lists based on quality research. Take Retail Week’s recent rundown of the top 30 multichannel retailers, which uses the magazine’s own methodology to determine what it calls ‘multichannel trailblazers that have created the perfect integration between physical and digital retail worlds’.

All 30 retailers share three key attributes: flexibility, speed and tech investment. As the provider of online merchandising technology to nine of these retailers, I was naturally proud. They are proving that considered investment in technology is a mandatory requirement for multichannel success.

Of course, this technology is wide-reaching and we at Attraqt don’t take credit for every innovation that retailers are harnessing. But, whether it’s click and collect, speedy delivery or enabling shoppers to try clothes on in a virtual changing room, technology is underpinning the multichannel nirvana we all seek. I could make a list…

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