The product discovery strategy behind Harvey Nichols

The product discovery strategy behind Harvey Nichols
Posted by Attraqt | 29 June 2022

Product discovery is one of the most important parts of a luxury, premium online shopping experience. A great product discovery strategy puts the spotlight on inspiring, relevant products that motivate shoppers to buy.

Harvey Nichols, the British luxury department store chain, has an ingrained devotion to their customers. In-store experiences are fun, accessible and exciting, and this same experience is one that the brand sought to replicate online.

As one of the most widely recognised brands in Britain, Harvey Nichols’s merchandising team spent much of their time manually curating products to create that luxury shopping feel – but this came with some downsides. For over 5,000 search queries, shoppers were directed away from the search results pages and onto generic landing pages.

While it allowed Harvey Nichols to showcase products in alignment with their merchandising strategy, it did not deliver the slick, seamless and accessible experience they–and shoppers–wanted.

By taking a new approach to their product discovery strategy, Harvey Nichols unbundled search from their broader merchandising strategy, allowing them to focus on driving results through each initiative specifically.

Adopting this new approach, and Attraqt’s Product Discovery Platform, meant that Harvey Nichols drove an additional £300,000 worth of revenue and increased online conversions by nearly a third. So, let’s see how they did it.

Search and merchandising: stick or twist?


Searchandising: powerful search guided by merchandisers

By using Attraqt’s set of search and merchandising automation tools, Harvey Nichols were able to shift to an algorithmically-enhanced merchandising approach. For the first time, Harvey Nichols could treat search and merchandising as separate entities. They could:


Run experiments on product search rankings to maximise conversions


Improve the quality search results with self-training algorithms


Serve more relevant products for ambiguous searches

Improving relevancy and search performance

With an extremely diverse catalogue of products, ranging from homeware, food, wine and fashion, matching searcher’s intent with relevant products is no mean feat.

Using Attraqt’s AI-search platform with natural language processing, Harvey Nichols were able to increase the relevancy of search results, whilst taking into account merchandising initiatives fed into Attraqt by the team.

No more zero-results queries

  • Attraqt’s platform continually improves search effectiveness and relevance, using on-page signals from users to guide rankings and results.
  • Synonyms, colloquialisms and even slang can be identified by Attraqt’s machine learning algorithms, ensuring customers are served with relevant results, no matter how they choose to describe their intentions.
  • Eliminating redirects meant that shoppers were served relevant, well-matching results to their queries, rather than being redirected to generic brand and category pages.

The numbers: Harvey Nichols product discovery turnaround

£ 300,000

Estimated additional annual revenue driven by search

+ 6 %

Increase in value per search

+ 10 %

Measurable increase in search result relevance

5 x

Faster search results received by shoppers

Attraqt: the go-to product discovery platform for customer-obsessed retailers

Attraqt has fuelled Harvey Nichols’ product discovery platform to provide a sophisticated and intuitive experience for shoppers that mirrors that of their brick and mortar stores. As a result, they’ve seen significant increases to sales, conversions and site engagement.

At Attraqt, we power exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading retail brands, and are equipped to cater for every possible requirement and scenario. Contact us to find out more about how you can take full control of your online merchandising and grow your business through creating an AI-powered product discovery strategy.

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