The new battleground

Helping shoppers find the products that motivate them to convert

The new battleground
Posted by Attraqt | 18 May 2021

When visitors arrive on your ecommerce site, they are embarking on a journey of discovery. Sometimes they know what they are looking for, other times they are seeking to be inspired. However, what remains consistent is the expectation to be guided to products that match their needs, goals, and aspirations – and quickly.

“For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs.”

Bryan Eisenberg, marketing expert, author, and speaker

Most shoppers will initially browse the Home and Campaign pages before navigating to the search box and then moving to the Category and Listing pages. From there, they might refine their choice using filters before seeing a product of interest that encourages them to click through to the Product Detail Page. Once they find the right product, they might move it to the basket for purchase, before perhaps repeating the discovery process.

Each unique onsite journey comprises several moments that weave together over a period of time on multiple channels to form one overall experience. The better and more connected this experience is, the more likely the shopper will convert. However, you can’t just look at a single site visit in isolation; each visit needs to be integrated into a broader customer journey.

Our partner Contentsquare recently concluded their 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark (, and provided us with the following insightful stats:

  • An average consumer visits a site twice before converting
  • On average they will view 26 pages on each visit
  • 64% of these visits will be on mobile (which restricts how much they can view)
  • 45% of all website content is unseen

“I can’t overstate how mobile is changing how we interact with our consumers.”

Joel Anderson, CEO of Wal-Mart

What is our key takeaway from this? There are over 50 micro-moments that a typical shopper will experience before making a purchase. The sum of those moments will shape the customer’s experience.

Each interaction must therefore guide the shopper along the discovery journey, or the visitor is likely to bail and never return. There are two key implications to this; a single site visit can’t be managed in isolation, and all of these micro-moments need to be seamlessly integrated into a unified and compelling end-to-end experience to ensure the highest likelihood of purchase.

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