The Kooples case study

Implementing a global customer-centric personalisation strategy, and as a result significantly increasing global conversion rates.

The Kooples case study
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

Founded in 2008, French fashion retailer, The Kooples, has quickly become a global icon. Famous for its gender-fluid style and high-end products, the company has grown rapidly to establish more than 450 retail stores across 36 countries.

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The results:

  • 10% increase in conversion rates
  • 9.5% increase in average basket value
  • 7.4% increase in turnover


The Kooples main objective was to improve its cross-sell, up-sell and personalisation opportunities across their online stores. To achieve this, the retailer needed a personalisation solution, that was able to fully support The Kooples’ multilingual, multi-currency websites and be able to respond to consumer behaviour in their core markets: UK, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.


Working with Attraqt, The Kooples was able to make swift improvements in the following areas:

Localised Recommendations Strategy: Having implemented the Attraqt XO, The Kooples had an ability to A/B test a number of recommendations’ strategies in each of their key markets. This resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates and overall company turnover.

Optimised Product Recommendations: With Attraqt XO, The Kooples was able to A/B test customer-centric algorithms based on complementary rules. This resulted in optimised product recommendations, which significantly increased The Kooples turnover.

Increased Average Basket Value: The Kooples could now make recommendations based on the contents of the customer’s basket, which resulted in a significant increase in sales.

“We’re incorporating personalisation to our email and overall omnichannel strategy. We believe omnichannel is the future of retail, and we want to digitise our points of sale by aligning our offline and online strategies. We will also roll-out the Attraqt recommendations system across the in-store devices for the use of sales people on the shop floor.”

Darwin Chau, Online Country Manager, Europe, The Kooples

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