The importance of personalisation in product discovery experiences

The importance of personalisation in product discovery experiences
Posted by Attraqt | 5 July 2022

A shopping journey that guides customers to products they are likely to interact with benefits them as well as commerce brands; customers see products they are interested in and brands gain more conversion and sales opportunities. This product discovery experience is enhanced through personalisation, which actively changes the experience of each customer based on their individual interactions and inputs with a commerce or retailer brand.

Not only does personalisation provide customers with a unique experience that inspires them to purchase, but it uses actionable data to help brands successfully scale and grow. This results in increased sales and conversions for brands, as well as greater customer satisfaction to boost retention and brand loyalty.

Understanding the significance of personalisation and how it interacts with product discovery is vital to provide customers with a unique and inspiring experience. So, why is personalisation so important, and how can brands integrate it into their product discovery experiences?

Why is personalisation so important for product discovery experiences?

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Personalisation is the key to providing enjoyable and intuitive shopping experiences that are likely to end in a sale or conversion. According to Google, customers are more than twice as likely to add items to the basket and 40% more likely to spend more than planned when experiences are highly personalised; it is a fact that a customer is far more likely to interact with a platform that tailors to their specific preferences.

Through understanding the needs, wants and desires of each customer. brands can boost their sales and conversions by presenting relevant products and pages they are likely to interact with. These preferences are discovered through collecting customer data unique to their specific on-site experience, such as product page views, brand preferences and style choices.

Examples of personalisation during product discovery

  • A customer that regularly browses and purchases running shoes will get automated product pages and recommendations on the latest products from their favourite brands
  • When there is a brand specific promotion featuring limited time deals, customers that have interacted with that brand will receive emails to keep them informed.
  • A user that regularly buys dresses and women’s clothing will be presented with women-focused products and clothing when they return to the website.

How to integrate personalisation into product discovery


Collecting relevant data at every touchpoint

The foundations of any product discovery experience is relevant and actionable customer data. In order to provide a customer with the products and pages they are likely to interact with, there must first be an understanding of their preferences and search behaviour. Because of this, personalisation needs to be implemented at every available touch-point to record data at every opportunity.

Brands that implement site-wide data collection through each touchpoint gain a clearer picture of their customers’ preferences. This then allows brands to translate this data into actionable recommendations, presenting customers with related products as they continue to browse and personalising the experience. As a result, brands see a significant increase to conversions and sales, as well as more customers returning as they feel accommodated.

Utilising personalisation opportunities

The product discovery journey can vary wildly between customers and websites; one user may use the on-site search for each product, whereas another may prefer to browse through category pages to find related products. Each of these systems can be intuitively connected to create a unified experience where data at each touchpoint can inform the next.

Brands that utilise all personalisation opportunities can improve the user experience by accommodating their preference of browsing, whether it be on-site search or browsing through specific pages. Brands can then record data at every touchpoint to further personalise the shopping experience, directly resulting in greater sales and conversions.


Personalise your customer journey with Attraqt’s AI-powered tools

Providing your customers with a personalised shopping experience is necessary to retaining customers and hitting your conversion targets. And as more brands accommodate the preferences of their customers, now is more important than ever to implement personalisation into your product discovery platform.

At Attraqt, we specialise in providing AI-powered tools to help brands personalise their product discovery experience. We tailor on-site search, optimise product listings and personalise at scale to ensure each of your customers has a unique experience, all the while boosting your conversions and sales.

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