Superdry case study

Efficient, effective search and merchandising with internationalisation for 21 multi-lingual sites

Superdry case study
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

With 21 international multi-lingual sites, Attraqt had to deliver software that performed according to the client’s configuration, but also allowed users to manually override the system.

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The results:

  • More effective and easily managed merchandising with multiple sites and users
  • Successful roll-out across all SuperDry’s 21 international multi-lingual sites, with all sites performing equally well 


A key challenge for the brand has been to create an intelligent and inspiring search and merchandising functionality on a multi-lingual platform across 21 international sites.


The platform was able to handle any level of sophistication from simple product sequencing to Balance Factor® weighting which enables retailers to prioritise products according to metrics such as stock levels, newness, popularity and profit margins. The software can perform automatically according to the client’s configuration, but also allows users to input manually when required. Search results can also be weighted with Balance Factor, whilst intelligent navigation, spell correction and auto-complete functionality provide accurate results, virtually eliminating the risk of failed searches.

“Attraqt’s ability to maintain superior search and category performance on a totally multi-lingual basis has generated phenomenal, if not an unprecedented success for us.”

Chris Griffin Head of ecommerce, Superdry

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