Superdry + Attraqt AI Powered Search

Superdry + Attraqt AI Powered Search
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

With Attraqt, Superdry is now able to deliver more accurate and relevant merchandised experiences, by putting even the most complex and unstructured search requests to work.

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The results:

  • 61% increase in search PDP click rates of affected searches
  • 37% increase in commercial value per affected search

“Superdry is focusing on a digital transformation, and a key part of that journey is leveraging customer insights and the use of ML & AI to engage our customers on a more personal level. Attraqt’s AI product suite is giving us a leaping start on that initiative, having switched on the latest version of AI search offering we have almost completely eradicated zero search results and provide more relevant results for complex long tail searches – ultimately opening up an entirely new stream of revenue opportunities.”

Pete Davies, Digital CTO, Superdry


Superdry recognised that changing consumer search behaviour meant they needed to tackle complex and unstructured search results that were not yielding the kinds of high-quality and curated merchandised experiences Superdry wants to offer its customers.


Attraqt worked with Superdry to review search patterns on their UK site. They first focused on the 7% of searches that were identified as complex and long-tail which were delivering partial matches, or ‘zero results’ without offering relevant alternative recommendations. Attraqt deployed its AI from the core of its search engine, collecting and harnessing all available data, of varying quality and from multiple sources to transform search requests made on the Superdry UK site into relevant search results for the shopper.

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