Santé Discount case study

Optimising customer engagement and retention with personalised content recommendations

Santé Discount case study
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

Santé Discount, part of the Omniphar group, is the leading online pharmacy in France, offering products from leading brands at an affordable price. This French pharmaceutical company’s product catalogue includes over 1,000 brands and more than 45,000 products, and their site receives over 2 million unique visitors per month.

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Find out how Santé Discount achieved:

  • 3X CTR RPM (Revenue for 1000 impressions)
  • 4X more content created and displayed
  • Improved overall customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer retention rates
  • Available content packs in Santé Discount library were multiplied by 4
  • 4X higher CTR globally
  • Increased team efficiency
  • A huge timesaving in content management and creation


The online pharmaceutical retailer quickly needed to implement a simple and intuitive recommendations solution that would automate the management of personalised content recommendations and enable the development of an online consulting aspect provided by their pharmaceutical experts.

For Santé Discount, it was not about finding the right users for the content but the right content for each user, which would enable the brand to drive loyalty, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, retention.


Santé Discount turned to Attraqt to help set up strategies for personalised recommendations for complementary products and content at all levels of the customer journey, including the homepage, product pages, category pages.

Attraqt Experience Orchestrator (XO) enabled Santé Discount to display a wide range of messages. The product recommendations were set up to relay trade marketing, commercial operations, highlight brands and products and above all, display Santé Discount experts’ advice.

The company was able to significantly save time in content management and creation, through the automation of a number of tasks.

Offering adapted and effective content meant adding value to the brand and the customer experience, guaranteeing satisfaction, and thus optimising retention.

“Attraqt’s ability to effectively manage personalised content recommendations the same way it manages product recommendations, and doing this without any constraints, is what made their solution superior and won us over.”

Loic Lagarde, CEO – Santé Discount

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