Product Discovery Opportunities for the Omnichannel Commerce Era

Product Discovery Opportunities for the Omnichannel Commerce Era
Posted by Attraqt | 26 July 2022

Omnichannel platforms are commerce retailers that support all forms of shopping; from smartphones and computers to in-store shopping. Each of these platforms are seamlessly integrated, presenting a uniform experience that is consistent across each. A way to ensure this consistency is through product discovery, but what is it and what opportunities can it bring to the commerce era?

How does omnichannel commerce change product discovery?


What opportunities are there for brands/retailers?


Improve site engagement with seamless integration

Omnichannel product discovery improves site engagement by seamlessly connecting the engagement of each platform together. If a customer shows interest in products on their phone whilst travelling, those products will then be recommended on their computer once they are home. The customer is also able to engage with their preferred channel, further improving site engagement.

Boost sales and conversions through consistency

Product discovery can help optimise omnichannel ecommerce platforms by using AI to maintain consistent merchandising across each channel. Whether a customer prefers to use online or in-store shopping, the brand-specific experience should be maintained in both to accommodate the individual.

Product discovery uses AI to provide customers with a unique customer journey in real-time; it can distinguish what products they are interested in and show them more, just as if they were making their own journey around a physical store. When executed correctly, this can provide a significant boost to sales and conversions.


Grow brand awareness by building trust

By providing customers with a unique experience that suits their individual needs, brands can build trust amongst their user base. Providing a seamless omnichannel experience through product discovery helps build this trust, as well as establishing themselves in the ecommerce space. The more customers that feel accommodated with personalised recommendations and merchandising, the more their brand is spread amongst shoppers in the market.

Using Attraqt for omnichannel commerce

It is clear that investing in an effective product discovery experience provides a range of benefits for brands and customers. It can help boost sales and conversions as well as improve customer loyalty through providing a personalised customer experience. But creating an effective product discovery platform for your specific brand can be challenging, which is where Attraqt comes in.

We provide brands with product discovery platforms that are fueled by revolutionary AI-powered tools. From AI-powered search and automation to self-learning algorithms and merchandising, our systems provide customers with a unique experience that inspires purchase and encourages them to return. We have worked with over 300 industry leading brands to provide them with intuitive product discovery platforms, and can do the same for you.

To find out more about how Attraqt’s product discovery platform and tools can help your commerce platforms thrive, request a demo or speak with a member of our team.

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