Nature & Découvertes case study

Personalised Recommendations & Gift Finder

Nature & Découvertes case study
Posted by Attraqt | 24 January 2022

“We use Attraqt for three purposes: to inspire our users, to provide them with a better online experience and to boost conversions. The Gift Finder, in particular, allows us to replicate the in-store experience you could have with our in-store shopping advisors.”

Stéphanie de Bayser, Digital & UX Project Manager – Nature & Découvertes

Find out how Nature & Découvertes is:

  • Using Attraqt Gift Finder to boost customer experience
  • How Attraqt helps with product discovery at every step of the shopper journey
  • How has Nature & Découvertes been able to boost conversions
  • Benefits and results Nature & Découvertes has seen since they started using Attraqt


Nature & Découvertes was struggling to classify, structure and optimise the visibility of a large number of products (+30 000) in line with visitors’ interests to boost the conversion rate. 

They wanted to offer the same level of personalisation online they have been able to offer in-store to recreate a strong customer experience, bringing online performance to the same level they have seen across their 97 stores located in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. 


Personalised on-site recommendations to optimise product visibility

Implementation of product recommendations in key locations of the website provided a personalised experience throughout the customer journey from the home page to product pages to the shopping cart. For example, when adding items to the shopping cart, a pop-up recommends complementary products that the shopper would not have spontaneously thought of. 

A Gift Finder to guide the user and recreate a strong online user experience

This tool allows shoppers to playfully describe the type of gift they are looking for as well as the person whom it is intended to. A guided selling approach re-creates the exchanges that a customer could have with an in-store advisor. 

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