Harvey Nichols Search Optimisation

A successful on-site search optimisation exercise resulted in an additional 300k in Harvey Nichols annual search revenue.

Harvey Nichols Search Optimisation
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

“Previously, we were not looking at any search or merchandising functionalities because we were relying on redirects. Thanks to Attraqt, we now have an ability to treat the two separately. This has given us the opportunity to think more about the search rankings we might want to test, or merchandising strategies we might want to apply.”

Joseph Cook, Ecommerce and Product Online Manager, Harvey Nichols

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Find out how Harvey Nichols achieved:

  • 300K in estimated annual search revenue
  • 15% increase in precision
  • 12% increase in recall
  • 3% increase in search click-through rate
  • 6% increase in per search value
  • 9% searches are now more accurate
  • Less maintenance effort for the team & better overall user experience
  • Search management workflows were significantly reduced with a with a 92% reduction in the number of redirects

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Harvey Nichols is recognised as one of the UK’s top premier luxury fashion retailers, with 8 stores across the UK and Ireland, 7 international stores and an ever-growing online presence. The brand is internationally renowned for its expertly edited fashion and beauty merchandise, premium food and wine offerings, plus award-winning restaurants.


Harvey Nichols first started working with Attraqt in 2014, when the brand’s main focus was on developing a creative online merchandising strategy that would be reflective of their visually appealing brick & mortar stores.

In 2019, however, Harvey Nichols online focus shifted to their search strategy. The luxury retailer had a time-intensive and manual search strategy which overrode the underlying search algorithm. This heavily curated approach was providing an increasingly poor experience for their fashion-savvy shoppers.


Harvey Nichols worked with Attraqt to help them identify where the retailer’s ‘zero results’ management needed optimisation, and to tailor search to suit their specific requirements and KPIs.

At the start of the process, the international luxury retailer had around 5,000 search-specific redirects set up on their site. This set-up meant that the merchandising team couldn’t clearly measure which Harvey Nichols customers were interacting with search.

In order to improve search quality drastically, Harvey Nichols had to eliminate unnecessary redirects.

Product catalogues, like Harvey Nichols’, that span multiple departments and product types also made it tricky to identify search relevance effectiveness. Particularly when this is a result of missing product data or incorrect attribution. By looking into search data, customer behaviour and synonyms in the rule stack, rules causing fuzzy matches and compromising search quality were then deleted or amended. This gave Harvey Nichols the ability to provide its customers with a superior search experience.

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