Frontastic explains: Mobile first

Frontastic explains: Mobile first
Posted by Attraqt | 7 December 2020

What does mobile first mean?


Mobile first means designing and building websites with mobile devices in mind and then adapting the design for other devices so everyone gets a better user experience.

Until recently, most websites were designed and built with a desktop device in mind and once they were done, the design was adapted for mobile. This usually meant less functionality, weird designs, and the sites weren’t intuitive to use for mobile devices.  Simply put, it was very difficult to scale from a larger screen to something a lot smaller.

As more and more people are using websites on their phones it’s really important to make sure the way your website works is optimised for those users.

Being mobile means that your users are short on time, they don’t always have network, and probably you don’t have their full attention. So you need to make sure that everything can be done quickly, easily, and surprises them, in a good way of course. You also need to make sure that you have the right content in front of them at the right time.

By putting mobile-first, you’re putting your users first.


Go mobile first or lose your customers!

With smartphones having become the main portal to the internet and the number of mobile users keeps increasing, retailers should focus more on delivering a great user experience on any given device.

But somehow, even well-known brands failed in providing mobile customer experiences that increase conversion and actual spending via mobile so far.

Frontastic provides some information on how to catch up with your business.



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