Fnac Darty case study

Orchestrating algorithms to optimise the product discovery journey

Fnac Darty case study
Posted by Attraqt | 1 July 2022

Fnac Darty is an omnichannel leader in the retail of entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and domestic appliances.

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Find out how Fnac Darty:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved Time to Delivery on their algorithms by 50%
  • Boosted productivity and responsiveness for the site’s commercial management


Fnac Darty is focused on personalising the customer experience through relevant product recommendations, adapted to previous user behaviour. With 20 million SKUs in the product catalogues of both brands, they continue to work with Attraqt, which provides them with the framework they need to orchestrate different algorithms, including their own, while keeping control of their data. 


Attraqt integrates and orchestrates their algorithms through an omnichannel and real-time approach. This solution optimises the product discovery journey by increasing efficiency and building effective personalisation strategies.

“By entrusting the orchestration of our algorithms to Attraqt, we can focus on what’s essential: enhancing customer journey data by developing our own machine learning algorithms.”

Laurent Anadon – Head of Data in the Digital Department, Fnac Darty Group

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