Cdiscount case study

Algorithm Orchestration

Cdiscount case study
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

Algorithm orchestration is something we didn’t have before. Thanks to Attraqt we now have the ability to stack strategies and algorithms using fallback strategies that allow us to find the optimum combination of different algorithms. Furthermore, our data scientists are able to work much more efficiently on the platform. This has been groundbreaking for Cdiscount.

Simon Berthet-Bondet, Head of Merchandising, Cdiscount

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Find out how Cdiscount achieved:

  • Improved conversion rates and average basket size
  • Increased team efficiency
  • 80% of the turnover now generated via 20% of the products that have personalised recommendations applied


Cdiscount had an existing data team and was developing its own algorithms, but the high volume generated by their marketplace exceeded its internal resources.

The French retailer needed a technology partner who could help to accelerate its R&D and improve its recommendation algorithms.


After comparing different providers, Cdiscount teams chose Attraqt’s Experience Orchestrator (XO) platform.

The following aspects were key to Cdiscount’s decision-making:

  • seamless integration with all their systems
  • a microservices-based environment
  • a high level of support, in line with best-in class practices

Attraqt was the first solution that Cdiscount had integrated in Server Side mode. This means that everything works in the back-end by exchanging data in real-time to activate personalised recommendations.

The platform allows Cdiscount’s data teams to use their own and third-party algorithms, all in one tool. Scalable, thanks to its architecture, Attraqt processes large volumes of data, collecting, cleaning and enriching it in real-time.

Attraqt’s algorithm orchestration capability enables the team to find the best combination of algorithms and therefore the most appropriate merchandising strategies.

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