Calendar Club case study

Personalised shopping experiences that drive revenue and efficiency

Calendar Club case study
Posted by Attraqt | 3 February 2022

With a diverse product range and shopper demographic, Attraqt delivered enhanced search, navigation, recommendations and merchandising that resulted in revenue uplifts of up to 15%

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Find out how Calendar Club achieved:

  • Year-on-year ECR increase by 8.21%
  • Revenue uplift 10-15%
  • Overall 11% uplift on Average Order Value
  • Overall uplift on Total Orders
  • Richer and more personalised experiences on category pages
  • 100% increase in team productivity and efficiency


Achieving a positive customer experience with personalisation was a key challenge, particularly when faced with matching a very broad product set with a diverse demographic. Merchandising, recommendations, search and navigation needed to constantly work in harmony with the customers’ behaviour to inspire them to buy.


While they deployed key features to support enhanced search, navigation, recommendations and merchandising, the Calendar Club team favoured the Balance Factors feature most. The ability to adjust the display and ordering of products on the live website, without the need for any help from the IT department, was seen as a distinct advantage.

“Our Attraqt zones, rules and data drive a large proportion of our website sales – in the past two years we have seen a revenue uplift of around 10% to 15%. With similar lifts in other metrics like UPT and Total Orders, Attraqt is contributing a huge amount to the success of our website.”

Calendar Club

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