Attraqt partners with Frontastic

Attraqt partners with Frontastic
Posted by Attraqt | 17 November 2020

Partnership enables retailers and brands to interweave relevant and inspiring product discovery and content recommendations, with easy front-end deployment

November 18, 2020- UK, France, Germany:

Attraqt and Frontastic today announced a partnership that helps retailers and brands easily control how they offer their shoppers contextually relevant product and content storytelling experiences on the online shopper journey, at the right moment.

Attraqt brings to the partnership their track record of ongoing AI-innovation in ecommerce search & discovery, merchandising and personalisation for over 300 of the world’s best-known brands. The Attraqt API-first technology is built to complement a headless commerce environment, giving retailers the freedom to be agile and responsive to both shopper and commercial expectations.

While Frontastic’s agile Frontend-as-a- Service is the perfect fit for individual and changing projects on a headless platform, with its series of ready-made integrations for commerce and content systems.

John Raap, Chief Strategy and Partner Officer said: The competition to win shoppers is really demanding. If a shopper can’t find products or be inspired to embark on a discovery journey with a brand, then they will go elsewhere. It’s so important to be able to tell the right inspiring product and brand ‘story’ and match this with the right product in a way that is contextually relevant to shopper intent, at a particular moment. Retailers today find this challenging, as it means empowering teams and systems to be responsive at all times on the front-end. This is where our partnership with the well-architected Frontastic offers retailers some great opportunities together.

Steven Fockema, Head of Sales and Channel, Frontastic said: A website is much more than a transactional place for today’s shoppers. Retailers need to rethink digital experiences, regardless of what device the shopper is on. Attraqt’s AI-innovation and ecommerce expertise ensures that shopper discovery is complemented by rich, front-end brand storytelling. Together, we empower any ambitious ecommerce team from Mid-Size – Enterprise to do this quickly on the front-end, against the pressures of today’s commercial and shopper demands.

Here are just some of the product discovery use-cases for this partnership power team to join forces on:

• Blend Content pages with Product category pages in a single list
• Enable separate search result lists for products and content (video, graphics etc) where needed

• Enable relevant product listings to fit editorial content
• Present product stories, based on interests of shopper on landing pages or category pages to present content that tells the product story through the eyes of the user
• Create personalised and dynamic landing pages
• Create personalised visual experiences (images, video) based on what is known about the shopper

• Display content item based on matching customer profile, real-time behaviour (intent) with content tagging, depending on what moment of the shopper journey they are on.

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